Top 10 Bundles In Free Fire

top 10 bundle in free fire
List of top 10 best bundle in free fire

Garena free fire, also known as free fire, is the most popular multiplayer game in the battle royale gaming world. This multiplayer game was published by Garena International and developed by 111 dot studio. This app was released on November 20, 2017, and was last updated on November 1, 2021. This game has over one billion+ downloads. It can be operated on any low-end device like mobile, pc, or laptop, as its download size is less than 777 MB.

Free Fire is an excellent choice for Esports gamers as it allows gamers worldwide to showcase their gameplay skills. It is a fantastic combination of battle and survival games. Being the last survivor is the main aim of this game. This game provides gamers with multiple features, Epic crossovers, visual designs, elements that make it fun. Also, it offers gamers different types of costumes, bundles, etc.

Garena Free Fire offers an assortment of cosmetics, outfits, items, and bundles for players to choose from and use on the battlefield. The developers continually introduce new, updated, better bundles and cosmetics to offer players a more comprehensive range of options. Although these cosmetic bundles are usually just for visual appeal, players are eager to get their hands on them. Therefore, the developers also re-introduced several bundles into the game to make it more fun. These bundles are typically available via the Elite Pass, events, and in-game purchases via currency. Additionally, several events have been incorporated to enable players to redeem bundles of their choice.

Here in this article, we will take a look at the top 10 best bundles in Free Fire in 2021.

Top 10 bundle in free fire

Bundle nameLaunch Event name
Cobra Rage bundle Diamond royal event
Zombified Samurai Bundle Zombie Samurai Event
Arctic blue bundle Diamond royal event
Doctor red bundle Diamond royal event
Mystic Evil bundle Lucky wheel Event
Criminal bundle Top green criminal bundle Event
King’s sword bundle Faded wheel Event
Bandit bundle Diamond royal event
Night Clown bundle Diamond royal event
The Street bundle Free fire street boy top-up Event

Below is the list of the top 10 best bundles in the free fire.

1. Cobra Rage bundle

Cobra Rage bundle
Cobra Rage bundle

The new legendary Cobra Rage bundle is one of the most highly demanded cosmetic collections in the free fire. The new Cobra Rage Bundle is one of its kind, and everyone wants to acquire this bundle as it gives them the facility of 4 bundles in one.

The costumes of this bundle are renowned for their outstanding detail, and it is customize-friendly. You can customize this bundle into four colors, and players can use it for any of the four combinations according to their preferences. The first color is the Red Cobra Rage bundle; this color is unlocked when purchased. Next is the Yellow Cobra Rage bundle; this color is opened to achieve the gold rank. After that, the Blue Cobra Rage bundle is unlocked on achieving platinum rank. Lastly, the color unlocked on achieving diamond rank is Purple Cobra Rage bundle. This bundle was launched at the COBRA ASCENSION event.

Apart from that, the Bundle makes Cobra’s face appear on the character’s shoulders. Unfortunately, for now, players can only obtain the Cobra Rage bundle from the Cobra Ascension event as you cannot purchase it directly from the in-game store.

2. Zombified Samurai Bundle

Zombified Samurai Bundle
Zombified Samurai Bundle

Zombified Samurai Bundle is one of Free Fire’s most unique and scary bundles. It is a customized version of the original Samurai Bundle, which was released back in 2019. This bundle comes with a mask, top, bottom, and shoes. Players use this Zombified Samurai bundle for its terrifying epic mask.

You can buy the basic or premium packs to unlock this bundle. Not many players own this bundle, but many popular gamers own this bundle which makes it more precious and unique. This bundle was launched at the ZOMBIE SAMURAI SUMMONING event.

3. Arctic blue bundle

Arctic blue bundle
Arctic blue bundle

Artic blue bundle is the best bundle of Garena Free Fire. This bundle is a Fantastic and epic costume. The eye-catching part of this bundle is blue flames which keep passing over the character’s body. Garena launched this epic bundle in the free fire event known as the Diamond royal.

This is an old bundle but one of the best bundles of free fire. As this is one of the most demanded bundles, that is why free fire has re-launched this bundle for its players. But for now, we can’t expect to get this bundle again in the game.

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4. Doctor red bundle

Doctor red bundle
Doctor red bundle

The fourth bundle in our list is Doctor red bundle. Developers launched the doctor red bundle in the free fire diamond royal of November 2021. As we all know, whenever free fire launches its diamond royal event, it comes with various amazing outfits, skins, and in-game premium items. So, as usual in this event, Garena had launched a new bundle known as Doctor red bundle.

This fantastic bundle in free fire includes Doctor red (Top), bottom, shoes, head, and doctor red (Mask). This bundle is famous for its bloody teddy bear animation, which makes this bundle look more deadly.

5. Mystic Evil bundle

Mystic Evil bundle
Mystic Evil bundle

The 5th bundle on our list is the Mystic Evil bundle. The Mystic Evil bundle is a female character bundle. Free Fire has recently launched its new epic bundles known as the Masked warlord bundle (male character) and Mystic Evil, a female character bundle. The demand for the Mystic evil bundle is more than the Masked warlord bundle.

Developers launched this mystic evil bundle at the Booyah day event. This bundle was also added as a grand prize in the Lucky discount event.

6. Criminal bundle

Criminal bundle
Criminal bundle

The criminal bundle is one of the most desirable bundles in the free fire game, and it comes in the 2nd incubator. This incubator has different versions of this bundle. There are five criminal bundles in free Fire – Red criminal, Purple criminal, Blue criminal, yellow criminal, and green criminal bundle. Among them, the Red criminal bundle, purple criminal bundle, and green criminal bundle are the game’s rarest and most demanding bundles. This bundle consists of a whole costume rather than a separate mask, top, bottom, and shoes. These bundles look very similar to the Joker character from the DC universe.

7. King’s sword bundle

King's sword bundle
King’s sword bundle

The King’s Sword bundle/divine empress bundle are the versions of a heavy armor set’s male and female characters. It has been in the game for quite a while now, as it was released back in March 2019. Players can obtain this bundle through the in-game store by spending diamonds.

The King’s Sword and divine empress Bundle consists of a mask, top, bottom, and shoes. Both male and female sets consist of a winged design, plate armors, and red cloaks from top to bottom. This is one of the substantial bundles in the game, and these will make you happy on the battlefield.

8. Bandit bundle

Bandit bundle
Bandit bundle

Free Fire recently added the Bandit bundle again to the Magic Cube store. It was firstly available in the Diamond Royale section of the Luck Royale. This bundle consists of a Bandit mask, Bandit top, Bandit bottom, and Bandit shoes.

Free Fire players can essentially get this magnificent and rare Bandit Bundle for free once they collect all the Diya Tokens by completing daily and weekly challenges. Players can exchange these tokens for magic cubes. Users can get this epic bundle in the Redeem section, where players can get it by swapping the magic cube.

9. Night Clown bundle

Night Clown bundle
Night Clown bundle

The Night Clown is the best bundle in free fire because of its high graphic cosmetic structure. It was previously available in the Diamond Royale section of the Luck Royale in November 2018. This bundle is now re-introduced in the game by the developers.

The Night Clown bundle pack consists of a Night Clown head, Night Clown top, Night Clown pants, and Night Clown shoes. You can obtain it by exchanging a magic cube. After exchanging one magic cube, you will get this bundle in your vault section.

10. The Street bundle

The Street bundle
The Street bundle

Free Fire launched this Streets Bundle in 2017. This bundle is generally known as the Hip Hop Bundle by the Free Fire players. The items included in the Hip Hop Bundle are Streets head, Streets top, Streets bottom, and Streets shoes. Apart from the cosmetic skins, it also comes with a Backpack. You can purchase this bundle through Elite pass or get it through the magic cube.


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FAQ’s –

Which is the best bundle in free fire?

According to a survey, the Criminal bundle is the best bundle of free fire. Players love to use these bundles. Many free fire streamers also use this bundle while playing tournaments.

How to get free bundle in free fire?

The steps to get free bundles are straightforward. At first, open the free fire royal section, then click on the Gold royal option, now spin the wheel 3 – 4 times, and you will get a bundle absolutely free. You can also use free fire skin generator to get free skins and bundles.

How to equip bundles in the free fire?

To equip bundles, Select the character, then click on Vault, then go to the collection section, and here you will see all the bundles you own, select any one of them, and click on Apply button to start using them.

Conclusion – Top 10 bundle in free fire

This was the list of the top 10 best and most demanded free fire bundles. Every bundle has its unique ability and looks. Some of the bundles appeared 2 – 3 times in the free fire game in various events. Free fire provides new and epic bundles to the players every month by featuring them in multiple events. You can easily purchase them through those events. Every event is limited to a specific time. You have to buy that particular bundle within that specific period. If you want to get unlimited diamonds in free fire, then click here.


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