How To Apply For V Badge In Free Fire

How To Apply For V Badge In Free Fire

Free fire has become one of the leading games that are categorized under the genre of Battle Royale Industry. It has developed its name in this field and the result could be noticed since 2017. After two months after the launch of the game – free fire, it was the No. 1 game in 22 countries. And now it is popular globally.

Along with an extremely rich gaming environment, the free fire can be considered a way to make money. Many of you know how to do so, and in this post, we shall state the state further. As you know that all YouTubers who own a V Badge in their profile, get special treatment from the game along with YouTube’s content rewards.

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Similar to the YouTube partner program, the free fire developers have something useful for players. Players can join the free fire partner program to claim limitless prizes along with the game and increase the crowd as subscribers. In this post, we shall not state the benefits of the free fire partner program but some basic details and most probably, How To Apply For the V Badge In Free Fire? So let’s go.

How To Apply For V Badge In Free Fire?

How To Apply For V Badge In Free Fire

To apply for V Bade, you need to go through some checkpoints that are the threshold that needs to be fulfilled for zero error verification. You can follow the steps below to do so.

What Are The Steps To Get V Badge In Free Fire?

  • You should own a YouTube Channel
  • You should have minimum of 1 lakhs subscribers on your YouTube Channel
  • In the previous 39 days, your channel should have gotten 3 lakhs views on unique free-fire videos
  • 80% of content in your channel should be related to free fire
  • You should possess a passion for gaming and know about social media management
  • You should have nonoffensive contents

How To Apply For V Badge In Free Fire?

How To Apply For V Badge In Free Fire

  • To apply for Free Fire Partner Program CLICK HERE
  • Now you will see an apply button, just click on it
  • After you click on the same button, you will be asked for some details, proceed to fill and recheck
  • Now you have to wait until you get an official reply

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So friends, how was today’s post? Today we have shared an article on How To Apply For V Badge In Free Fire? Some more details have been shared and hopefully, they would be useful to you. So stay connected with us for more useful information regarding free fire and free fire max.


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