Free Fire Double Diamond Top Up Link

Free Fire Double Diamond Top Up Link
Free Fire Double Diamond Top Up Link

Free fire double diamond top up link: Free fire is a battle royal game, and Top up plays a major role in Free Fire. You get diamonds when you top up in your account. But, What if you buy 100 diamonds and get 200 diamonds, means double diamonds of your Top up value? Is it interesting? Surely it is, But it’s hard to find the websites which provide double diamonds top-up offers. So in this article, we will share links to double diamonds top-up websites for your ease, and these websites will help you a lot to get double diamonds when you top up in your account.

What is Double Diamond Top Up

Firstly let’s clear the real meaning of double diamonds top-up. In the Free fire game, there are lots of ways to top-up diamonds. Such as, Using a website, App, and In-game Top up feature, mostly top-up stores provide the exact amounts of diamonds you were bought. However, some top-up websites exist that give double diamonds of your actual top-up price.

Means In India, 50 diamonds cost around 40 Rupees. So if you top up from the regular store, you will only get 50 diamonds. But in its place, If you use double diamonds Top up Website, you will receive 100 diamonds in only 40 rupees. That’s why most people explore double diamond top-up links before doing a recharge on their accounts.

Free Fire Double Diamond Top Up Link

Now, let’s jump to the main topic, So there are mainly three websites which provide the facility of double diamond top-up, but for only a specific period. Double diamonds top-up website details with their links are here:



The newly launched Free fire top-up website Gameskharido is very famous because it first introduced the concept of double diamond top-up among players in 2020. The offer of double diamonds top-up is still ongoing on this website. However, you can only use it once. If you go on the Gameskharido website and top-up now, you will receive double diamonds of your top-up amount. But, only for the first time, If you top-up on the same account next time using this website, you will only receive the regular top-up.

Double Diamond Top Up Link – Visit here.

Steps to use Gameskharido for double diamond top-up –

  • Open the double diamond top-up page from the given link.
  • Select Free fire by clicking on the Free fire game’s icon.
  • Log in to your account using Facebook, Or Select another login option, and enter your Free fire character ID to continue.
  • Now, select the top-up package.
  • Confirm the payment with UPI Or Internet banking and Enjoy the Double diamonds top up in your account.

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The official Top up store of Free fire is You can get double diamonds of your top-up amount from this store, But this offer is currently not active. It will be best if you wait for some days to use this offer. It is one of the best top-up websites because it is managed by free fire. That’s why many people trust it. The payment methods available are also easy to process, without any verification.

Double Diamond Top Up Link – Visit here.

Shop garena sg
Shop garena sg

Steps to get double diamond top-up from –

  • Open the official top-up website from the given link above.
  • Now, on the home page, you will see an option of free fire. Click on it.
  • Enter your Player id at the opened form.
  • Select anyone from various ranges of top up offers.
  • Confirm the payments, and get Bonus diamonds or double diamonds top-up as per the ongoing event.

Friendly Disclaimer: Please confirm the offer before doing the top up because this website has different offers for each region. So check it once. If double diamonds offer available for your area, then only do top up. Otherwise, you will not get any double or bonus diamonds.


Another best website for double diamond top-up is This website has many options for double diamond top up with direct links for Indian and Bangladesh servers. Using these options, you can quickly top up double diamonds top up in your free fire account. The best feature of this website is, you can also buy weekly and monthly membership of free fire at an affordable rate.


The MooGold website is better than other double diamond top-up websites because they are authorized resellers of Free Fire Diamonds Top Up. MooGold offers various categories in their store, depending on your gaming needs. They also do provide you with multiple payment options. In addition, they provide 24/7 customer service and fast & reliable top up delivery.

Double Diamond Top Up Link – Visit here.

Steps to purchase double diamond top-up from MooGold –

  • Go to the double diamond top-up link of
  • On the home page of the website, you will see offers, which are running. Now, choose any one of them you want to purchase.
  • Enter your player id after selecting the offer.
  • Confirm your name, click on buy now.
  • Pay the amount of top-up using the BHIM UPI app, and you will get a double diamond top-up in your account.


Seagm website direct double diamond top up link

The last website for double diamond top-up is This website provides every week new offers related to double diamonds top-up, But only for Indonesian players. So if you are from Indonesia, You can enjoy the offer well. You can also top-up rupees 5 diamonds from this website, which is highlighted feature of this website. is famous because of its instant delivery of diamond top-ups.

Double Diamond Top Up Link Only for Indonesian players – Visit here.

  • Open the website of
  • Scroll down, and choose from various diamond top-up offers.
  • Tick on the top up offer you want to acquire.
  • Enter your Free fire ID in the Order information, and click on the Buy button.
  • Complete the payment, and you will receive the double diamond top up immediately.

Friendly Disclaimer: There are many websites nowadays claiming to be the official diamond top-up store of free fire. Some of them are also running ads campaign on different social sites. So I advise you not to buy any diamonds Or top-up from any Unknow website in greed of Double diamonds top-up. They can also scam your money. 

Key points to remember while using free fire Double diamond top up link

  • Use minimum amount at first. Then, if the top-up process gets successful, then top-up with a considerable amount. This trick will save you and your money from fake top-up websites.
  • If you find any fake free fire double diamond top-up website link, instantly share it with the Free fire team through their customer support. After that, they will take down the fraudulent website permanently.


How to check which is the original link of the double diamond top up website?

Mostly double diamonds top-up links viral on Social media are fake. There is no exact way to check the authenticity of the diamond top up website. So, only use the website which you already hear about. And are both very famous diamond top-up websites in India.

How many times can I use the double diamond top up offer?

It totally depends on the website from where you are doing the top-up. Mostly top up websites only allow to use of the double diamond offer one time per account. After that, they only provide some bonus diamonds to attract the customers back. So, you can top-up from different websites each time for getting the double diamonds top-up every time.


Friends, it is effortless to find Free Fire Double Diamond Top Up Link, And for your ease, I have already given the links of the top four top-up stores, which can provide double diamonds and bonus diamonds top-up. You can revisit these links every day if you want to get fresh updates regarding double diamonds top-up.

I hope you understand the complete topic, and If you still have questions in your mind, comment below, I will try to solve them.

Thank you, keep enjoying gaming.


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