Free Fire Skin Generator (Get Free Skins) 2022

Free Fire Skin Generator
Free Fire Skin Generator - Get Free Skins

Free fire skin generator: Free fire is the most fantastic battle royale game. The Enjoyment and gaming experience increase when you have some new skins of the game, But, It is hard to getting skins in free fire because it costs diamonds and real money. Now, you are maybe thinking about what to do? So don’t worry, there are tools like Free fire skin generator, which will help you to get and generate many free fire skins in one click without using diamonds. In this article, I will share complete Information on Free fire skin generator tools so that you can use them properly.

What is Skin in free fire?

What is Skin in free fire
What is Skin in Free fire?

Firstly, let’s clear the important concept. Most of the players actually don’t know the real meaning of skins. So the skins are the colorful version of the usual thing available in free fire, such as Weapons, Loot boxes, Parachute, Bag, grenades, Gloo wall, and many more. Some skins also come with 3d Effects, which look great.

Benefits of using skin in free fire

  • Skins help you to look like a pro player.
  • Skins increase the damage of the weapons.
  • Increase the chances of winning the game.
  • Help to gain more popularity and likes.
  • Inspire others players to send you a friend request.

Free Fire Skin Generator


Steps for using free fire skin generator are given below. Follow them one by one to generate free skins in free fire:

Free Fire Skin Generator
Free Fire Skin Generator
  • Firstly, Download the free fire skin generator tool from here.
  • Then, open the free fire game, and log in to your account.
  • Copy your character id or in-game name. 
  • Now, open the free fire skin generator.
  • Create a new account using your mobile number.
  • Now, at the main screen of the generator tool, you will see options of pro dress, Gun skins, rare emotes, and trending.
  • Select any one of them. But if you only want to generate skins then, select the option of Gun skins. 
  • Now, you will see four options for skin generation. Select the first one for generating skins in the free fire. 
  • Now, The tool will load the necessary files of skin generation, so wait at least 30 seconds.
  • After loading the files, click on the activate now button available at the bottom to use the free fire skin generator in your account.
  • Now, this free fire skin generator will ask you for some permission, so allow them.
  • After that, the generator will automatically generator some free skins for your account.
  • Open free fire and collected all mails, and you will receive some free skins generate using the free fire skin generator. 

Note: This free fire skin generator tool has over 10 lakh downloads, but it is a third-party app, so we can not be responsible if you do not receive any skins. It is not in our hands. For that, the app developers are responsible. Another note is this free fire skin generator only works with the OB28 update of free fire. 

Alternatives of free fire skin generator


For getting free skins, we can not totally depend on free fire skin generator. There are many alternatives available using which you can get many free skins, But they are not famous like skins generator tools, which is why many players are not using them. The best and easy alternatives of free fire skin generators are mentioned below:

Skins Codes for free skins


Skin codes are the best way to get free skins in the free fire game. You can quickly get Weapons skins using skin codes. But there is some limitation of using skin codes, Only a few items will stay permanent in your account, and other will disappear after one week.

  • At first, copy the skin code “SDAD4321GH12” on your clipboard.
  • Now, open the free fire skin redeem website by clicking here.
  • Next, log in with a Facebook account.
  • Enter the copied code on the option of “Enter code here.”
  • Click on the claim reward button.
  • Go to your mailbox of free fire, and collect the mail to get free skins.

Get premium skins using Unlimited diamond accounts

Get premium skins using Unlimited diamond accounts
Get premium skins

If you have diamonds, you can purchase every skin in free fire, but you can not get diamonds without money. But Instead of buying diamonds, you can use the accounts which already hold a massive amount of diamonds. You can send skins as a gift to your free fire account using these types of accounts.

  • Open the list of available free fire account with a password from here.
  • Then, select anyone from various accounts.
  • Copy the username and password, and log in to it.
  • Go to the free fire store and select the skins you want to own.
  • Now, select the gift option, and enter your account name there.
  • Click on send item, and you will receive the skin in your main free fire account.

Note: If you use this method properly, You will surely get free skins. If you face any login issues with the available accounts, try to log in again after a few minutes, they will work. As the accounts have Gifting options and unlimited diamonds, they will maybe work slowly sometimes. 

Methods to get free skins without skin generator


Generating skins in Free fire skin generator is hard. However, some methods are available using which you can directly Get the skins from the Free fire game by following some tasks. Some Popular skins of free fire, with ways of claiming them, are mentioned below:

Get Free MP40 Skin

Get Free MP40 Skin
MP40 Skin

MP40 is An SMG gun, and it is very famous due to its high mag capacity and damage. Most of the players are exploring for free fire skin generators only because of these gun skins. If you are also want to get skins of MP4O, Here is a way to get free MP40 gun skins, and it’s a hassle-free method.

  • Open free fire game.
  • Start the ranked match in solo mode.
  • Play a minimum of three matches, and you can also use a double rank token for increasing the token points.
  • Now, after playing three matches, you will receive 30 rank tokens.
  • Click on the store section, and go to the option of exchange.
  • Now, exchange the collected token with an MP40 Gun box.
  • Go to the collection, click on the box, and open it to get free MP40 gun skins.

Get Free bunker Gloo wall skin

Gloo wall is a shield in the game, protecting the players from bullets fired by the enemies. The Bunker Gloo wall is the most popular Gloo wall skin of all time, and it looks desirable. Nowadays, most players use this Gloo wall skin, and many players want it, So steps to get bunker Gloo wall skins are given below.

Get Free bunker Gloo wall skin
Free bunker Gloo wall skin
  • Download the files of Gloo wall skin from here.
  • Extract it in your folder of free fire.
  • Launch free fire game.
  • Click on collection.
  • Go to the section of Gloo wall skin, and you will notice the Bunker Gloo wall skin.
  • Select it, and click on Equip to start using the new Gloo wall skin.

Get Free Parachute and Bag skin

Get Free Parachute and Bag skin
Parachute and Bag skin

Bag and parachute skin is a necessity. No one can look like a pro player without them. It is because, at first, every player sees your bag and parachute skin when you enter into battle. Spider’s bag skin and the bunny parachute skin are very famous in free fire because they are easy to unlock.

Steps to get Bunny parachute skin and spider bag skin are as follow:

  • Start free fire game.
  • On the main screen of the game, you will see an option of Daily check-in. Click on it.
  • Now, click on the check-in One to get bunny parachute skin instantly.
  • Continue the daily check-in till seven days.
  • At the 7th day check-in, you will get spider bag skin.
  • Go to the collection, select both skins, and click on equip to use them in battle matches.


Does the free fire skin generator tool actually work?

Every free fire skin generator has a different working process. Some skin generators also do not support the updated version of free fire. So actually, every skin generator does not work. So I suggest you check on your own which skin generators are working and which are not.

Can I download the free fire skin generator tool?

Yes, you can download the skin generators tools from Google Play Store, But keep in mind to not use any unauthorized tool OR skin generator website available on the Internet. These types of tools may harm your free fire account. So only use the skin generator apps available On the play store.

Why is the website of free fire skin not working?

The most popular website of skin generation, Is not working now because Garena free fire officials removed it. The reason behind it was leaking the personal data of Garena players, and also, it was an unsafe website. That’s why I am saying many times in this article to use only trusted skin generators.



Guy’s it is easy to get free skins in Free fire. In this article, I shared the complete knowledge on the topic of Free fire skin generators. I also shared some alternatives to get free skins without using the skin generator tools. I hope this information will help you to get free skins. If you like it, please share it with your friends, So they can also understand about the free fire skin generator and get benefits. If you want to get free Unlimited diamonds in Your free fire account, you can click here. If you need more information about the free fire game, you can visit our Homepage. Keep Enjoying the game.



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