Free Fire Diamond Top Up Hack 2022 (Free Diamond Top Up)

Free Fire Diamond Top Up Hack

Free Fire Diamond Top Up Hack 2022: If you want to top up your free fire account without money, then you are at the right place. 

Garena free fire is a battle royal multiplayer game, and nowadays, this game is trending in India. Diamond is the main currency of free fire, which players can use to obtain elite passes, emotes, bundles, and many more in-game items.

Players want to top up for adding diamonds in their free fire account, but they can’t able do top-up due to a shortage of money. Hence players search for alternative ways to get a free top-up in the free fire. 

In this article, we will discuss the free fire diamond top-up hack. And don’t worry, friends. We will not share anything that is against Garena’s policy. However, all the Free Fire Diamond Top Up Hacks we will discuss are legit, and you can use them to get a free diamond top up in your free fire account. 

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Month- YearJanuary- 2022
Last updateUpdated every day ( in every 6 hours)
Uses of diamondsDiamonds can be used to obtain many free fire in-game items like Dj Alok character, Gun skins, Level-up pass, membership, Premium bundles, etc
Diamond amountUsing the free fire diamond top up trick, you can collect 100 diamonds, 200 Diamonds, 400 Diamonds, and 800 Diamonds every day
Number of free top up apps added hereMore than 4
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What is Free Fire diamond Top Up?

Diamond Top-up is a process that can be used to add diamonds to a free fire account. The rates of diamonds are fixed in the official free fire store. However, you can top up diamonds at a low price through the different top-up stores, websites, and apps. Some of the free fire diamond top-up platforms are:

Free Fire diamond Top Up
Diamonds are the most useful gems in free fire
  1. Codashop
  2. SeaGm
  3. Games Kharido
  4. Phonepay application
  5. Free fire top-up center
  6. Double diamond top-up store
  7. Shop Garena SG
  9. Paytm App
  10. Google pay App
  11. EZ cash app

The rates of free fire diamonds and diamond top-up offers differ in all the apps and websites mentioned above. The most trusted website for top up diamonds is Codashop, and for a double diamond or 100% bonus top up, the Gameskharido is the most suitable website.

Benefits of Free Fire diamond Top Up

Now, let’s discuss some benefits of diamond top up in the free fire game. If you’re an Indian Free Fire player, you can understand the power of a Diamond in the game. Players who own a large vault of a diamond can become unstoppable energy and the center of attention everywhere they go.

Using diamonds, you can obtain all the essential characters, skins, outfits as soon as they hit the live server. In addition, you can also use the diamonds to participate in various events. Such as luck royal, diamond royal, and faded wheel.

Obtaining every item in the free fire account costs a massive amount of diamonds, which only a section of Free Fire players can afford. Because Top-up needs money and Indian parents don’t allow their children to spend money on online games like free fire and PUBG. That’s the main reason why free fire players search for Free Fire Diamond Top Up Hack.

But don’t worry. Now, you are on the right article, which fulfills your intent to get a free top up in free fire. Using The method given below, you can instantly top up a maximum of 200 Diamonds for free in your free fire ID.

Method for Free Fire diamond top up hack

The process of free fire diamond top up is easy, and using this free fire diamond top up hack method, you can easily add free diamonds to your free fire account. However, before we start, keep in mind, this top-up trick is safe to use, and you can top up 200 diamonds for free using this trick. 

Disclaimer: We are not sharing anything illegal or against Garena’s policy here. We will use an App for earning money online, and after that, we will use that earned money for a free fire diamond top up.

Here are the steps to Top-Up Diamonds using this free top up method:

  1. At first, Download the Money tree app from here.
  2. After that, Sign up using Gmail Id.
  3. On the app’s main screen, you will see an option of Grow money tree. Click on it.
  4. Now, click on the star icon, And choose the option of Hot offers.
  5. A list of offers will appear in front of you. Then, you have to complete these offers and tasks
  6. After completing the offer, you will be rewarded with some points. 
  7. Collect a total of 5000 Points by following various methods available in the app.
  8. Click on The gift options, select the Paytm cash option to exchange your earned points with real money.
  9. After that, when you receive that money in your wallet, Open the Top-up website by clicking here.
  10. Select the option of Free fire game, and enter your free fire Character id there.
  11. Now, select any diamond top up package and pay the required amount to add top up to your free fire ID. 

Note: We have given the free fire diamond generator link above. If you directly want to get free diamonds without any top-up, then you can use that diamond generator for free fire. 

Ways for free fire diamond top up

If you want to top up diamond at a low price, you can use the various free fire top up stores available on the internet. But, whenever you are going to top up, check the authenticity of the free fire diamond top up store because many fake diamond top up websites are also available.

Below is the list of best free fire diamond top up websites and some tricks to get the free diamond top up in free fire. Using these websites, you can easily get a 100% bonus on your first diamond top up. Check out these alternative ways also.

Free fire official top up method

Free fire official top up method

Garena free fire offers an in-game top up option. Using this option, you can top 5600 diamonds in 4000 rupees. You can access this feature by clicking on the ‘Add Diamond’ button available on the top of the game’s main screen. You can also redeem codes to get a special discount on diamond top-ups. The prices of diamonds on the official free fire store are:

Diamonds PriceDiamonds Top Up Amount
80 Rupees100 Diamonds
240 Rupees310 Diamonds
400 Rupees520 Diamonds
800 Rupees1060 Diamonds
2180 Rupees1600 Diamonds
5600 Rupees4000 Diamonds

Here are the steps to Top-Up Diamonds using the in-game feature:

  • Open the free fire game on your mobile phone.
  • Now log in to your free fire account.
  • Click on the ‘+‘ icon available at the top left corner of the game. 
  • After that, various top-up offers will appear on your phone’s screen.
  • Now, select the diamond top up as per your need.
  • Then, choose the payment method.
  • Finally, Pay the requested amount to top up your ID.

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Free Fire Top Up from SEAGM

Free fire top up from SEAGM

SEAGM is another trusted top-up website. On this website, you can buy diamonds very easily and instantly without getting scammed. SEAGM is also one of the best and most famous websites for free fire diamond top-ups. The prices of diamonds on the official Seagm top up store are:

Diamonds PriceDiamonds Top Up Amount
78 Rupees100 + 10 bonus Diamonds
155 Rupees210 + 21 bonus Diamonds
518 Rupees654 Diamonds
779 Rupees1080 + 108 bonus Diamonds
1559 Rupees2200 + 220 Diamonds
5172 Rupees6900 Diamonds

Steps to top up diamonds from Seagm:

  • Open any browser on your device and then search for the term “SEAGM.”
  • Then click on the official link of the website.
  • After that, you will get the interface of that particular website. Scroll down, and select the free fire game.
  • Then you will see various packages with various amazing offers. For 100 diamonds, you have to pay 78 rupees, in which you will get ten extra diamonds. which means for 78 rupees, you will get 110 diamonds. 
  • After that, select the package as per your requirements and type your game UID and select the payment method.
  •  After completing all these things, and the required payment, you can see the diamonds on your game ID. Again, it’s a legal and trusted website and came with a fantastic offer. You should check this out.

Note: If you want to get diamond top up at a cheap rate, you can use the seagm website because free fire diamonds on the seagm website are more affordable than the free fire official Top Up Center.

Games Kharido Diamonds Offer 

Games Kharido Diamonds Offer

The Games website comes under free fire double diamond top up websites. With the help of these unique websites, you can easily top-up double diamonds in your free fire account. Furthermore, the Game kharido is an old and trusted website, and mostly every free fire players use it for diamond top up. 

Below we have explained all the important steps to buying Double Diamonds top-up from games kharido:

Step 1: Open any browser on your device and search for the term “Games kharido.” And open the website of games kharido. 

Step 2:  Select the free fire, then enter your UID (Unique identification number) of your game ID and choose the package as per your convenience.

Step 3: After this, click on submit. 

Step 4: After that, select the payment method whatever you want, just like UPI or else debit card or credit card you can choose any of these payment methods. 

Step 5: Once your payment process is done, you can see the diamond top up after a minute in your game. 

When you top up diamond using this website, you will get a 100% bonus on your first top up. It is a fantastic scheme and a trusted website. The diamonds bonus which you will get on your first top up is as mentioned below:

  • On the top-up of 80 rupees: 200 Diamonds with 200 Bonus Diamonds (Total 400 Diamonds)
  • On the top-up of 160 rupees: 300 Diamonds with 300 Bonus Diamonds (Total 600 Diamonds)
  • On the top-up of 320 rupees: 600 Diamonds with 600 Bonus Diamonds (A Total 1200 Diamonds)
  • On the top-up of 640 rupees: 1200 Diamonds with 1200 Bonus Diamonds (A Total 2400 Diamonds)

Helpful Reminder: This 100% diamond Top-up bonus only works for first-time users. And there are only selected websites that provide Double Diamond top-up offers, So use this offer before the offer ends. 

Top up Diamonds Through MooGold

Top up diamonds through MooGold

The MooGold is also a trusted and genuine free fire diamond top up store. You can easily top up any game’s diamonds and coins on this website. 

Follow the steps mentioned below to top up your free fire account using the Moogold website: 

  • Open Chrome browser, and type this on the search bar, and open the official website of MooGold.
  • After that, you will get the interface of that particular website. Now, you can see many games top-up options, Scroll down a little more and select free fire
  • After selecting the free fire, you will see another interface, type your UID of the game there, choose the package as per your requirement. 
  • After that, choose the payment method. After doing all these things, your payment will be processed, and within a few minutes or seconds, you will get the diamond top-up instantly, and it’s a genuine and legally self-verified website.

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Free Fire Diamond Top Up from Codashop

Free Fire Diamond Top Up from Codashop

The Codashop website comes under the top 1 best free fire diamond top-up portal. Most of the free fire players know about this great top up website. So they use this website and top up their accounts through this website. 

Follow the given steps to top-up your free fire account using the Codashop store

  1. Search for the term Codashop on your browser, and open the official store of Codashop.
  2. Here you will see the interface of the Codashop website, and every time it comes with unique offers, that’s the significant part of this website. 
  3. After opening the store, Select the free fire game.
  4. Type your game UID.
  5. Choose the package as per your convenience offers.
  6. Also, you can see their many offers on every package. After that select, your payment method, whatever you want to select, such as UPI, Paytm, google pay, and others. 
  7. After completing the payment method, your payment will be made successfully, and after opening the game, you can see the diamond top-up.

It’s a legally verified website, and millions of users have used this website. It’s a fantastic website must check it out for a free fire top up.

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Dizstore Free Fire Top-Up

Dizstore Free Fire Top Up

The Dizstore is one of the most famous and trusted free fire diamond top up websites. First, type the website name on the search bar of the chrome browser. Then, click on the first link of your search result. After selecting the game, scroll down, and click on Garena free fire. After this, type your UID or in-game name over there.

Then select the free fire diamond top up as per your requirement, click on add to cart. After that, choose your payment method, and then you have to select any of the plans. After these, you will directly get the diamond top up in your free fire UID, and this website is also a trustable and genuine website for free fire diamond top up.

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Comparison of all Free Fire Top-Up Websites

There are several free fire top up stores on the Internet, and it’s hard to find the best out of them for free fire diamond top up. Here is a quick comparison of all free fire top up websites, free fire top up centres, and free fire double diamond top up stores so that you can choose the best free fire top-up store easily. 

Free Fire Top Up CentreSpecial Top Up OffersTop Up Amount
CodashopFree fire double diamond top up OffersUpto 9000 Diamonds
Dizstore.comFree fire top up centre 100% bonusUpto 8000 Diamonds
Moogold.comFree fire top up bonus offersUpto 7000 Diamonds
SEAGM.comFree fire top up discount offersUpto 3000 Diamonds
Game kharido.comBonus diamonds Top up offersUpto 9000 Diamonds
Free fire diamond.comFree Rewards with Diamond Top UpUpto 2000 Diamonds
Free fire double diamond top up linkCheck Here Upto 5000 Diamonds

All these free fire top up stores are trusted, and you can use them for free fire diamond top up. If you want a double diamond and a 100% bonus offer on your first top up, you can use the Games Kharido free fire top-up centre.

How To Top Up In Free Fire?

How To Top Up In Free Fire

The steps of top up diamonds in the free fire are straightforward. For top up diamonds in your free fire account, follow these steps:

  • Open the free fire top up section from the game’s top up page.
  • Select the top-up amount.
  • Choose the payment method.
  • Complete the requested payment, and enjoy the diamonds top-up. 

Free Fire Top Up Redeem codes

  • GHYU-8970-JUDB
  • BSHV-8979-JSYU
  • SGDD-8979-JDBH
  • AFSG-765H-JDBL
  • ASGD-7865-JUIO
  • DGFH-9878-LKOI
  • AFSA-6546-UJIO
  • DGSV-8987-YBH7
  • FGSD-332N-JUI8
  • SGDV-U789-OPIK
  • SGDY-887H-LOPI
  • DGFH-87NJ-KOL9
  • SHDG-NG78-KOP8
  • DHFB-SHDN-D897
  • SGBS-898H-JSHU
  • SHDV-89SG-LMJ8

You can use these free fire top up redeem codes to obtain free top-ups in your free fire account. For more latest redeem codes, you can check the new list of redeem codes here.

How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire without Top Up

How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire without Top Up

Want to get Free Diamond in Free Fire without Top Up? then for this, there are some indirect methods, which you can use to top up diamonds in your free fire account for free. Below are the best ways to top up your free fire diamonds for free:

Google Opinion Reward App:  In simple words, the google opinion reward application is survey-based. Here you have to complete some surveys by answering some simple questions, and in return, you will get real money, and you can use this money easily as a google play credit or google play balance. 

After completing the surveys, you will get some amount of money instantly. You can use this money for purchasing diamonds top up through the in-game diamond store. You can easily download this application through google play store or any app store by searching the term ‘Google opinion reward’ on the search tab.

In-game events: Garena free fire keeps changing and upgrading its application to get more users. As a result, they launch various unique events that grab users’ attention and ultimately increase their downloads. In addition, they launch multiple events where players have to complete specific tasks to get the reward. 

You can get diamonds for free without any top up by participating in these events. It is one of the easiest and legit ways to get diamonds for absolutely free without any top-up. In addition, sometimes they launch some occasions in which they offer a discount price for purchasing the diamonds.

Custom room tournaments: Like giveaways, many YouTubers host custom room tournaments for their subscribers. The motive of hosting these tournaments is to increase their subscribers. Various YouTubers host this tournament on a daily basis. You have to research on these types of channels, then subscribe to them, and participate whenever they host tournaments. 

Taking participation in this type of custom room tournament is also very simple. First, you have to search the custom room through the ID they provide you. Then, after finding the custom room, you will be asked to enter a security code (if mentioned) for entering that room.

Here you have to take quick action because the custom room becomes full within a minute whenever they host this tournament. However, taking participation is not the way of getting free diamonds. You also have to win the game to get free diamonds top-up and other in-game items. 

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FAQ’S – Free fire diamond top up

Is there any App for Free Fire Diamond Top Up Hack?

No, there is no app available for a free fire diamond top up hack. Instead, you have to use legal tricks to get a free diamond top up.

Is Free Fire Diamond Top-Up Hack Safe?

Yes, they are safe, But not all. So, only use the methods, which are mentioned in this article. And also, make sure not to use any Unauthorised trick. It may lead to a permanent ban on your free fire account.

Which is the Best Source to Get Free Top Up Redeem Codes?

You can join the free fire game partner program to get the free top up redeem codes daily. Also, you can again check this blog tomorrow for new fresh redeem codes.

Which is the Best Website For Free Fire Double Diamond Top Up?

GamesKharido is the best website to get a 100% bonus on your first free fire diamond Top Up.

Where to Buy More Affordable Free Fire Diamonds?

The rates of diamonds are affordable on the CodaShop top-up store. You can use this top-up store for buying diamonds at a cheap rate.

How to Get Free Top Up In Free Fire?

We have already discussed above the best ways to get a free top up in the free fire. Follow them to enjoy a free top up in your free fire ID.


Rates of diamonds are increasing day by day in the free fire game. But, without a diamond top-up, players can’t enjoy the game properly because diamonds help players to unlock all the game’s premium items. The players who have money can also afford diamonds at a high cost, but the Players who can not afford to buy diamonds search for terms like free fire diamond top up hack

In this article, We shared all possible ways to get a free top up in the free fire game. If you use these methods correctly, you will get a free diamond top up. 

We hope that you like this informative post. Make sure to share it with your game friends. If you want to get all emotes in Free fire for free, you can click here. And remember to stay away from Diamond top-up hack APK. They could get you in deep trouble. If you have any queries related to this article, you can ask us in the comments. We will surely help you. 


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