Free Fire Diamond Top Up Hack

Is it possible to hack free fire diamond top up?

Every Garena Free fire player Knows the power of top-up. Whenever you top up, you get diamonds in your account. But, what if you can top-up for free? I think most people will be shocked after reading this, but yes, you can do the Top-up in Free fire for absolutely free. Today, we are sharing a complete guide on the Free fire diamond top up hack, which will help you top-up in the Free fire game for free, and without money.

Why You May Need to use Free Fire Top Up hack


If you’re an Indian Free Fire player, you surely know Diamond’s power in the game. Those who own a large vault of this coin can become unstoppable energy and the center of attention everywhere they go. Using diamonds, you can claim all the essential characters, skins, outfits as soon as they hit the live server. Thus, you shall have Enough diamonds in your account to claim the items instantly. But in order to do so, you need to top-up your account, and that’s where Free Fire Diamond Top Up Hack comes to play.

Diamonds are the most useful gems in free fire

Despite all that, having every item in Your account costs a bundle of Diamonds – which only a section of Free Fire players can’t afford. Because Top-up needs money, and Indian parents do not allow their children to spend money on online games like free fire and PUBG. So I Think It’s the main reason you are searching for Free Fire Diamond Top Up Hack, But don’t worry, Now, you are on the right article where you will get all the information. Using The method I will share in this article, you can instantly top-up a maximum of 200 Diamonds for free. I know 200 diamonds is not a huge amount, but you can hold it as savings and store them for future usage.

How to use Free Fire diamond top up hack


Today, we will reveal to you how to use Free Fire Diamond Top Up Hack. However, before we start, two necessary disclaimers need to be made. First, this Top Up hack trick will only work for Free Fire players in India. So if you are not from India, you can’t use this trick, even not by changing your country using a VPN app. Another disclaimer, We are not sharing here any illegal or against Garena’s policy. We will just use an App for earning money online and use that money to top-up for free, and that’s all.

How to use Free Fire diamond top up hack
How to use Free Fire diamond top up hack

Follow our step-by-step guide given here’s for Free Fire Diamond Top Up Hack:

  • #1 At first, Download the Money tree app from the given link below.
  • #2 Open the app, and select your Gender and country, And Enter your Date of birth.
  • #3 After that, Sign up using Gmail Id, and create a password for the app.
  • #4 On the main screen of the app, you will see an option of Grow money tree. Click on it.
  • #5 As you click on it, your points will increase daily.
  • #6 Now, click on the star icon, And choose the option of Hot offers.
  • #7 A list of offers will appears in front of you. Click on them one by one, and select the option of Get Offer to accept the offer.
  • #8 You will also get the conditions on the Offer page, which you need to follow for completing the offer.
  • #9 After completing the offer, you will be rewarded with some points. The points you will earn as a reward are already mentioned on the corner of the offer.
  • #10 Also, use others options, Like, surveys set and Quiz time to earn more points.
  • #11 Collect a total of 5000 Points by following various methods available in the app.
  • #12 Click on The gift options, select PAYPAL Cash Or Paytm cash to exchange your earned points with real money.
  • #13 After that, when you receive that money in your wallet, Open the Top-up website by clicking here.
  • #14 Select the option of Free fire game, and Enter your Free fire Character id there.
  • #15 Now, select any one among available top-up packages.
  • #16 Pay the amount using your earned money in Paypal, Or Paytm wallet for diamonds top-up.

Free Fire Diamond Top Up Hack Alternatives


Though the Free fire diamond top up hack trick is currently unavailable in other countries, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t enjoy some wonderful deals. There are still viable methods for Global players to earn Diamonds for free or gain a 100% Top Up Bonus, And they’re legal. Check out these alternative ways also.

Extra Top-up Websites
Best websites for buying diamonds In India

Extra Top-up Websites


There are many websites available for a diamond top-up in free fire, and each website provides different offers. Recently, Garena has created its own Top Up center, permitting you to earn a 100% bonus on the first purchase. It means that you will get twice the amount of Diamonds you buy, and it’s a great deal. In this method, you can not top-up for free, But get extra or Double diamonds. If you use this trick together with the first method mentioned at the top of the article, it will benefit you more.

  • Visit the Top Up webpage.
  • Select Free Fire diamonds top-up
  • Choose login Method: via Player ID or Facebook
  • Select a payment system (Internet Banking, Phone pay, or Google pay)
  • Decide top-up package (Only 100% bonus provided)
  • Confirm your payment, and you will receive twice diamonds of your top-up amount.
Helpful Reminder
Only selected websites provide offers like double diamonds top up

Helpful Reminder: This 100% bonus only works for first-time users. And there are only selected websites that provide Double Diamond top-up offers, So check this offer before using any top-up website. 

Earn Free Diamonds


Have you heard about the Get Paid for surveys? If not, you need to learn about the game. They are a fantastic tool to earn genuine Diamonds in Free Fire without spending any money. The idea is that you help the app company with specific tasks (like a survey) and get paid as a reward. The more tasks you finish, the more rewards you earn. Here is the entire process:

Poll pay app
Earn money using poll pay app
  • Poll pay app: This app is famous for earning Gift cards and money online. This app grants you rewards for completing simple tasks. You may be asked to perform a survey, download an app, Or answer quizzes. You can use collected gift cards to buy diamond top-ups for free. 
  • Google Opinion Rewards app: This app is another best app to earn Google play credit online. Google owns this app, so rest assured that it’s trustworthy. By completing small and simple surveys, you will get Google Play Balance. Use this reward for a direct Diamond Top-up in Free Fire. 

Helpful Reminder: You will only get limited surveys in a day, and the Income you make from them varies between regions. So, some players could earn more from the same tasks as yours and vice versa. 

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    FAQS –

    Is there any Apk for free fire diamond top up hack?

    We saw a video on Social Media, In which they are talking about a Top-up hacking app, But in reality, no application can provide the service of Direct top-up in the Free fire game. Therefore you can only Buy Diamonds in Free fire using Official Top-up websites. Hence top-up Hack Application does not exist.

    Is Diamond Top-up hack safe?

    Yes, they are safe, But not all. Our diamonds hack top-up method is secure, and you can use it without any problem. But, make sure not to use any Unauthorised trick. It may ban your free fire account. Try first on the Guest account, then use it in your main account.

    We hope that you now have a better understanding of the Free Fire Diamond Top Up Hack method. Though we can’t enjoy that in Other countries anymore, there are still wonderful alternatives of free top-up to take its place. So choose the one that suits you the most. If you want to get all emotes in Free fire for free, Then you can click here. And remember to stay away from Diamond top-up hack apk. They could get you in deep trouble. For more guides into Free Fire, visit our website at



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