List Of All Best Free Fire Female Characters For Ranked Mode

Free Fire Female Characters
Free fire female characters list

Today in this article, we’re going to share the list of all 15 best female characters in free Fire. This list also includes essential information like their unique abilities, History, and more.

Gerena free fire, also known as free Fire, is one of the world’s most popular multiplayer battle royale games. İt was developed by 111 dot studio and published by Garena in android and ios. This game provides multiple features, Epic cross-overs, visual designs, elements that make it fun gaming. It is an excellent combination of battle and survival. The main goal of this game is to be the last survivor in this game. Free Fire also provides you with a wide variety of characters with different abilities to meet this goal.

If you’re looking for some best free fire female characters, then we’re here for you. The Free Fire’s best female characters are beautiful but also very useful and most dangerous.

Free Fire characters are not just good but also completely change your approach in battle as each of them has a different survival ability. The beauty of Garena Free Fire is that it allows you to make choices for your character. These range from increasing your accuracy, temporarily hiding you on the mini-map, improving your ability to support your teammates, and loads more. Picking a character is very simple. You can choose characters based on their skills Or, you could select them by their looks alone.

Free Fire has almost 32 characters in the game, each equipped with unique skills that help players on the battlefield, including both males and females, that is 15 females and 19 males. In addition, these characters in the game provide players with additional skills to provide players with extra advantage on the battlefield. 

Playing with an excellent character is essential for being prepared before any Free Fire match. Being prepared increases your chance of getting ‘Booyah.’ There are many Free Fire characters, including both Free Fire female characters and male characters that you can choose from. But sometimes, some of us prefer some of the most valuable and good-looking characters of a specific gender. So here is the list of best free fire female characters

List of free fire female characters

Following is the list of Garena free fire female characters:

1. Nikita 

Nikita free fire female character

Nikita is like a professional and trained bodyguard. When you play with this character, you will get firearms expert ability, which means that you will get the fastest reloading speed in submachine guns whenever you play using this character. When you use this character, the sub machines Gun’s reloading speed will be faster than other players, And it will help you a lot while playing the game.

2. Paloma


Paloma is that type of character who had a disturbing past in her life, and she came out of this past and now she has become a Beauty Queen of this game.

Her unique ability is excellent. She comes with one of the best abilities in free Fire, Arms-dealing unique survival ability. This character allows the players to carry AR ammo without taking any inventory space in our backpacks which is a good sign for the players. The lack of ammo in our guns due to backpack storage will totally finish through this character.

3. Notora 


Notora is a strong and furious kind of girl, and this character comes with extraordinary ability in the free fire game. Moreover, this character gives a special blessings type of ability to us while playing a game.

Notora offers a player the “Racker’s blessing,” a particular kind of survival ability to the players. This means when players are playing in a squad, and whenever they are driving a vehicle, This character restores their HP on the vehicle by 5 HP After every 4.5 seconds, So that they can survive much longer time in the game.

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4. Olivia 


Olivia is playing the character of a nurse and comes with great power in the game. She is a reliable companion in all kinds of situations. She has a “healing touch” special ability. Whenever the player selects this character or her ability in the loadout section, the player revived by the Olivia character will get an extra 6 HP.

Whenever you revive your teammates, They will get extra HP. This skill can be beneficial when you don’t have any medkits.

5. Shani


Shani is brave, a self-dependent girl. She also has the darkest secret of her life when she was 18 years old and her parents were killed in an accident. She faced a lot in her life.

Shani is a self-made engineer. She learns and studies on her own. This character comes with an outstanding ability, which is gear recycle power which also means that it restores Armor durability after every kill you make up in the match. It also means that whenever you kill someone in the game, your Armor durability can upgrade, and this up-gradation process continues until the armor level gets on the 3rd stage. The armor only includes the helmet and vest.

6. Laura 


Laura is the kind of character who is an outstanding special agent. Her past is full of amazement, she has been a talented sharpshooter since her childhood, and since then from now with that skill, she has become an exceptional special agent.

The laura character has a sharpshooter’s unique ability. When using this character’s ability, When players use a scope while shooting, the accuracy of each and every bullet will be on top-notch and much much better in perfection bullet hitting on enemies. Laura is the best free fire female character for players who like to use sniper guns like AWM And KAR98K.

7. Misha

Misha free fire female characters

Misha is a unique and talented girl and plays a significant role as a character in the game. Misha is a racer and has some insane driving skills. This character helps you a lot while playing a match. It will become challenging for to enemy to knock you down.

Misha’s character comes with a unique ability, which is the afterburner’s survival ability. This also allows the players to increase driving skills like driving speed, and also it helps to reduce damage taken problems while we are inside the vehicle. And also, while driving, it will be challenging and harder for to enemy to target you.

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8. Moco


Moco is the legend girl, and also she has a legendary Powers of the Cyber World. She is also known as a chat noir for her extraordinary and beautiful skill and intelligence.

The character comes with “hacker’s eye” ability, which means it’s all about whenever your bullet hits the enemy, Moco’s ability starts working and tags the enemy. So while the enemy tries to hide somewhere, that tag helps the player get to know where that enemy is for a few seconds.

9. Kelly


Kelly is one of the special characters in the free Fire. Kelly is a High school sprinter, and her speed of dash is on the next level. She is also known for her name is shimada, Keiko. This character has good looks and dressing. This character has an awaken level also.

This character has a “Dash” Ability. Whenever the player uses this ability, the character’s running speed will be increased in the match. Also, as we talked about her previously, she has awakened level after completing some mission you will get Awaken token. Using this token, You can transform the kelly into swift kelly. After that, Her movement speed will also increase.

10. Clu


Clu is one of the best characters in the free fire game. This character comes with another level of power, and her ability is outstanding. Her unique ability is “tracing steps.”

In brief, this ability allows the players to locate the position of enemies, so whenever you choose this character ability and play the match, you can see the location of that particular opponent. Also, this skill only works when your opponent is not in a prone or squat position. This ability increases to the next level on level 4.

11. Kapella


Kapella is a fab character and comes with powerful skills, and her ability is also a next-level part.

Kapella’s unique survival ability is a “healing song.” Whenever the player uses this character ability, it usually gives you approximately 50 HP. However, when you use this character and use medikit, it provides you around 60HP. This is the best female character in the free fire for players who like to camp in houses.

12. A124


A124 is not just a character. We will say it’s a robot character. A124 is a robot, and this robot is made with modern high-tech technology. She has two modes, or we can tell she has two States of mind: A normal, which is 18 years old girl’s mind, and another one is battle mode. This character comes with the “thrill of battle” ability. Whenever the player play’s the game and chooses this character ability, the EP in the match converts into HP within 4 seconds, And its cooldown time is around 10 sec. So this ability is only in use when the players have EP. Also, without EP, this ability does not work. As I said, it converts very fastly so this is the best ability in the free Fire while playing the match. Players much needed this ability so that it saves time also we don’t have to stop in once or wait for converting while we are running also we can convert so this is a good sing for the players, it helps the players a lot in the match.

13. Caroline

Caroline is the cutest female character in the free fire. Her skill is “Agility.” When using this character, Coroline increases your movement speed by 3% whenever you hold a shotgun. Caroline is the best female character for players who like to fight in close range.

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14. Nulla

Nulla free fire female character

Nulla is only the female character in the free fire game, which you can get for free. All other characters, you have to unlock using gold coins and diamonds. As it is a free character, So it doesn’t have any skill.

15. Dasha


Dasha’s character has a “Partying On” Skill. So, when you play using this character, It reduces the damage taken from falls by 30%. In addition, this character also reduces the recoil by 6%. As Dasha’s character skills are not too good so we don’t recommend using them.

How to get free fire female characters for absolutely free?

How to get free fire female characters for absolutely free
Trick to get free fire female characters without money

There are several ways of getting Free fire female characters for absolutely free, and one of the best ways is “GOOGLE OPINION REWARDS.” This is the best and most trusted way of getting free fire characters without paying a single penny.

Generally, Many players invest their money in purchasing the in-game currency for getting premium rewards like skins, outfits, characters, and many more. However, spending your precious money to get some premium thing in a game is useless. For this, you can use “google opinion reward.”

Google opinion reward is an application made by google. With the help of the google opinion reward application, you can easily earn google play credits, and then you can exchange them into in-game currency. You just have to complete surveys, and then you will be rewarded in the form of google play credit.

With the help of these google play credit points, you can easily purchase in-game currency. For example, If you have google play credit points, you have to open your free fire application, and then in the lobby, you have to click on the diamonds on the top.

Then you will see the diamonds plan, choose any one of them, and then click on the payment method. In that payment method, you will find various options, and one of them will be google play credit. Then you have to confirm your payment. So with the help of these steps, you can easily purchase the diamonds, and then with the use of those diamonds, you can buy any character. You can also unlock all characters for free. Using the free fire character generator tool, click here to access it.

FAQ’s – Free Fire Female Characters

Who are the best female characters in free fire?

Notora, Laura, Kelly, and Moco are the best female characters in the free fire. Free fire allows using three skills in one character. So you can use these all character’s skills together very easily.

Which female characters in free fire is beneficial?

Kelly’s ability is beneficial in the free fire, Because in survival games, movement speed matters a lot, and this character helps you to increase your movent speed. You can use DJ Alok and kelly’s character skills together for best results.


Free fire female characters are wonderful and also helpful. In this post, we saw a list of all female characters of Garena free fire. We had discussed about their abilities and many more. Also, we saw that you could get any character for free means you don’t have to pay a single penny for buying characters. Share this informative post with your free fire buddies and comment on your favorite character below. Click here If you want to get free unlimited diamonds in the free fire.


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