How To Get B’lue Wave Bundle In Free Fire Max From Latest Moco Store Event

How To Get Blue Wave Bundle In Free Fire Max From Latest Moco Store Event

Garena free fire max has introduced a new event in the game named Moco Store. Players can obtain the B’lue wave bundle (Rarest FF bundle) by participating in this new moco store event. The bundle is the main in-game item of free fire, which represents our character in front of enemies and teammates. This newly launched B’lue wave bundle is lovely in terms of looks. 

Moco store is a famous event of free fire max, which helps players to acquire attractive in-game items at a cheap rate of diamonds. This event comes in the game every six months, which makes it one of the exciting events of the game.

B’lue Wave Bundle In Free Fire Max

Moco Store Event

All free fire max players love the moco store event because it has many rare and attractive in-game things, such as emote, bundles, weapon skins, vouchers, and tokens. Players can partake in this event by spending nine diamonds only. After the first draw, the second draw will cost you 19 diamonds. After that, each draw will cost you 49, 79, 199. and 499 diamonds.

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Steps To Get B’lue Wave Bundle In Free Fire Max

Steps To Get B'lue Wave Bundle In Free Fire Max
  • Open your Free Fire Max and log in to your Free Fire MAX account first.
  • Visit the Luck Royale page, and choose the Moco Store event.
  • Now, Select one preferred grand prize (Blue Wave Bundle) and a bonus reward from the item lists and click the confirm button.
  • By completing all of the steps mentioned above, players can partake in the moco store and make spins to get the B’lue Wave Bundle from the latest moco store event.

Prizes List

Prizes List
  • Blue Wave Bundle
  • The Elusive Soul Bundle
  • Booyah Day Gloo wall
  • The Eternal Spirit Bundle
  • Spikey Spine Gloo wall
  • Winter Gloo wall
  • Otho character
  • Challenge On Emote

Final Draw

Final Draw

After selecting two desired items, you will be able to see the main screen of the moco store event. Here you will only notice six things. Two are of your choice from them, and the rest 4 are random.

The other four items there will be: 

  • Random Emote
  • Cube fragment
  • Futuristic weapon loot crate
  • Digital weapon loot crate
  • Diamond Royale Voucher

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What do you feel about this latest free fire max event? Let us know in the comments. Stay tuned with us for more free fire news.


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