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How to get free bundle in free fire

Garena free fire is a battle royal game, and players love to play this fantastic game. Many matches types are available in the free fire to entertain the players, such as ranked games, classic games, Clash squad, and many more. Moreover, free fire provides lots of in-game characters so that players can enjoy the game as a reality. For these characters, free fire has designed lots of dresses, and the complete set of them is known as a bundle.

Mainly all beautiful and premium bundles require diamonds to obtain them, and many players can’t afford to buy diamonds. So in this article, we are going to share some tips and tricks for free fire bundle hack, which are safe, legal, and verified by free fire. Using these fantastic tricks, you can quickly get all premium bundles for free without spending diamonds.

Importance of bundle in free fire

Importance of bundle in free fire

If you are a newbie in the game, before knowing about the free fire bundle hack apk, you must know about the benefits of wearing bundles. If you wear a premium bundle in free fire, other players will respect you as a pro player. Also, Wearing a bundle is easy because you get a complete set of clothes. You have to click on Equip button, and your character starts using it. On the other side, regular clothes in free fire take a lot of time to equip. That’s why players like to use bundles instead of different dresses. 

Garena keeps launching bundles in the Free Fire game through various events every month. There are also some rarest bundles in free fire, which are not available for new players. The most popular bundles in the free fire are Hip hop and Criminal bundles, which are highly demanding bundles. In this article, we will discuss some methods to obtain these bundles also.

Note: In this article, we will only share safe and approved tips and tricks to get free bundles in the free fire. We are not going to share any free fire free bundle hack.

Free fire bundle hack

Free fire bundle hack
Method to get free bundles

If you want to get free bundles in free fire, you need to download the app, known as free fire bundle generator, and this app is available on the google play store. Follow the steps mentioned below to hack bundles in the free fire.

  • At first, open google play store and search for the term “FF Rare Skin Tool,” and install the first app that appeared on the top of the results. You can also download this app directly by clicking here
  • After installing the skin tool app, open it. 
  • On the home page of this app, you will find many options such as rare emotes, Gun skins, Pets, And pro dresses. However, to get free bundles, you have to select the option of “Pro dresses.”
  • In the pro dresses section, you will get four new options: Elite pass, Incubator, Faded wheel, and events
  • You have to select any one of them. So, for example, If you want to get the bundles of elite passes, select the elite pass options, Or if you’re going to get incubator bundles, then select the incubator option. 
  • After selecting the option, you will get the list of all available bundles in the game in the chosen option. 
  • In this list, you have to choose the bundle you want to obtain. After selecting, click on it. 
  • After clicking on the bundle, you will get details of the selected bundle, such as the released date and supported version. Also, the app will start generating bundle files.
  • Once files get generated successfully, click on the option of “Add bundle to the game” to get that bundle in your free fire account.

After following all these steps mentioned above, Close the bundle generator app and restart your phone. Then, open the free fire game, open the section of in-game mails, and click on the option of collect all mails. After collecting received mails, you will obtain the generated bundle.

How to equip bundles in free fire?

How to equip bundles in free fire
How to equip bundles in free fire

After obtaining the bundle, you will need to follow the steps mentioned below to equip the received bundle on your free fire character:

  • Open free fire game, and log in to your account.
  • On the game’s main screen, you will get an option of collection in the top left corner. Click on it.
  • Now, here you will get the various icon of character accessories in a row. For example, you will see a cap icon for caps, and for face masks, you will see a mask icon. You have to click on the entire character icon available in the middle of the list.
  • After clicking on that character-shaped icon, you will see all the free fire bundles available in your account, and you will also see the bundle you have been generated using the tool.
  • Select the bundle you want to use and click on the Equip button to apply the bundle to your character.

You can equip any item and bundles on your in-game characters using these simple steps. If you don’t have any character in your free fire account, then you can click here to unlock the DJ Alok character for free.

How to get Free Fire Bundles for Free

You can also get free bundles in the free fire without using any free fire bundle hack apk. There are several methods which you can follow and get free bundles. Some of them are mentioned below. Use them to get incredible bundles.

1. Gold royal event

Gold royal event
Gold royal event

Gold royal is an event in the free fire game, where you can participate and win the available bundle as a reward. Currently, the Crimson heir bundle is available in the gold royal event. You can get this bundle for free by spinning the gold royal wheel. Steps to unlock this bundle are given below.

  • You will see a luck royal option on the main screen of free fire. Click on it. 
  • After clicking on it, you will see three options: Diamond royal, Gold royal, and weapon royal. So, you have to click on the gold royal. 
  • In, Gold royal event, you will get two options, Single spins, and ten spins. Click on ten spins a minimum of three times, and you will get this bundle for free. 

Note: You must need some gold coins to participate in the gold royal event. The process of collecting gold coins is easy. You just have to play the ranked matches to get gold coins.  

2. Magic cube

Magic cube
Magic cube

The magic cube is the best way to get free legendary bundles in free fire. That’s the reason why the magic cube is one of the demanding items in free fire. Using this method, you can easily unlock the Joker, Night clown, and Ice Age bundle.

  • On the main screen of free fire, you will get a store icon. Click on it.
  • Now, in-store, go to the section of Redeem.
  • In redeem section, you will see the option of the magic cube. Click on it.
  • Now, select any bundle and use the magic cube to obtain it for free.

All the bundles available in the magic cube section are legendary bundles that look very attractive. If you don’t have magic cubes, you can participate in the diamond royal event and win the magic cubes. In addition, there are various events available in the free fire in which you can get the magic cube for free as a reward.

FAQ’s – Free fire free bundle hack

How can I get free bundles in free fire?

There are several ways to get free bundles in free fire. But, if you instantly want to obtain some legendary bundles in free fire, you can participate in Daily login and Top-up reward events. You can also collect ranked tokens and exchange them with exciting bundles.

How many rare bundles are there in free fire?

The Sakura and Street bundles are the rarest in the free fire. In addition, all bundles from season 1 elite pass to the season 25 elite pass are also rare. Anyone can’t obtain them unless Garena doesn’t relaunch them.

Can a newbie player get free bundles in free fire without diamonds?

Of course, anyone can get free bundles in free fire without diamonds. However, you have to participate in free fire events related to free bundles, and you will obtain them as a reward at the end of the event.


As we all know, bundles are the main item in free fire because our character’s look is entirely dependent on them. Therefore, the fantastic bundle we equip our characters with, the more impressive they look. In this article, we discussed the best tips and tricks for a free fire bundle hack, as well as we were also discussed the gold royal and Magic cube Events, which can help players get free bundles.

The method of Free fire free bundle hack was as follow: 

  • First, you have to download the skin generator Or any bundle generator app from the google play store. 
  • Then, you have to use this generator app to unlock all bundles in the free fire.
  • After generating the bundle, you can add it to your free fire account.

You can get any legendary bundle in the free fire using these simple steps. All the tricks we were mentioned in this article are safe to use. Also, they are legit, and many free fire players are already using them. We hope you liked our today’s article. Make sure to share it with your buddies. If you have any queries related to this article, then comment below. We will definitely help you. If you want to get free diamonds, visit our free fire diamonds guide.



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