Free Fire Airdrop Top Up For Free

Free Fire Airdrop Top Up For Free

Do you know what is free fire airdrop is and how you can get that airdrops at cheaper rates? If not, then read this article until the end because you will get to know everything about free fire airdrop top up

The 111 dots, a well-known gaming company, had launched an amazing, incredible game on 23rd august 2017 called Garena free fire. This fantastic game had achieved billions of users in a very short period. Free fire is one of the best and most famous battle royal games globally. 

Especially this game is most famous in India as the free fire had collaborated with many famous celebrities of India such as Hrithik Roshan and many more. Garena free fire keeps launching many unique events and features, leading to an increase in its users. As many players of free fire had chosen this platform as a career opportunity, they are all making a good amount of money by playing free fire matches. 

In the free fire, to make a user account like a pro player, you need to buy legendary items, and for that, you need diamonds. However, many people cannot afford to spend on diamonds, so the free fire has launched airdrop facilities. Through which you can get diamonds, bundles, gun skin crates, and many more items at a significantly lower cost. Airdrop is for those people who cannot afford to buy diamond’s so that they got this kind of facilities to fulfill their wants.

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Month- YearJanuary- 2022
Last updateUpdated every day ( in every 8 hours)
Uses of AirdropAirdrop can be used to obtain many free fire in-game items at a cheap rate.
Diamond amountOne special airdrop contains 299 Diamonds.
RewardsSpecial airdrop includes various rewards such as bundles, emotes, and pets.
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What is Airdrop In Free Fire?

What is Airdrop In Free Fire

The free fire Airdrop is a special offer also known as special airdrop, where you can get legendry items, bundles, gun skin crates, diamonds, and many more at a significantly cheaper rate. Every player gets a different rate of the special airdrop. A special airdrop to each player costs different, which is around 29 rupees to 99 rupees. 

You can quickly obtain rare free fire emotes like FFWC Throne and Ground punch through the special airdrop. Additionally, a special airdrop is the best way to acquire legendary Gloo wall skins such as FFWC Gloo wall. Many players buy the special airdrop for unlocking pets of free fire. You can unlock Shiba, mechanical pup, kitty, and detective panda through the special airdrop. Special airdrop provides players with free 199 and 299 diamonds.

How To Get Airdrop In Free Fire?

How To Get Airdrop In Free Fire

The process of obtaining a special airdrop offer in free fire is straightforward. First, open the free fire game, start a classic squad match, and kill the maximum number of opponents. After that, you will get an airdrop of rupees 10 at the bottom side of the game’s main screen. You can also get the airdrop daily by adding two settings to your free fire account. Click here to know the settings.

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Steps For Free fire Airdrop Top Up

Free fire airdrop top up

If you want to get a cheap special airdrop, delete the cache from the settings. After that, unequip all the costumes, and don’t do any top-up for a week. After this, you can get an airdrop at a significantly lower cost. Now, You can buy this through your debit card credit card UPI.

If you want to get airdrop daily, you have to play a squad match and perform it well, kill the maximum number of opponents, and get an MVP title. After that, you have to log out of the game for 24hrs. After this, when you will open the account, you will get airdrop on a daily basis.

Now, Follow the steps given below for a free fire airdrop top up:

  1. First, open the Garena free fire application.
  2. After that, click on the airdrop option.
  3. Then you can see the buying rate and items which you will be getting on that airdrop.
  4. After that, click on the buy option.
  5. Then select the payment method at your convenience.
  6. Then make the payment and click on confirm
  7. After this, you will directly get that airdrop items on your account. 

By following these steps, you can easily top up the airdrop in the free fire.

Free Fire Airdrop Top Up Redeem Code

If you want to get a free fire airdrop top up for free, you can redeem the codes mentioned below on the FF Redemption site.

Redeem CodeAirdrop Type
HDGF-DHDY-DHD7299 Diamonds Airdrop
DGFT-FHDT-DHFY99 Diamonds Airdrop
FHYD-FHYF-DHFYEmotes Airdrop
DHFY-DJFY-DHFYGloo Wall Skins Airdrop
BCVF-MSHA-SHDLBundles Airdrop
DBFT-LKIP-SD5HBackpack Skins Airdrop
DGFT-SKDN-DB4GPanda Pet Airdrop
DGFT-ZSGD-FGWSShiba Pet Airdrop
SBDG-MHYK-LKJHKitty Pet Airdrop

If you want more redeem codes, then you can use the free fire redeem code generator.

Free Fire Special Airdrop Top Up Online?

Free Fire Special Airdrop Top Up Online

If you want a free fire airdrop top up online, then you can use the Paytm app. It is effortless to top up a special airdrop from the Paytm app. First, open Paytm, click on the games section, and buy a redeem code.

Now, enter this redeem code in the free fire game while purchasing the special airdrop. After that, you can buy a minimum of 2 more special airdrops from the same redeem code.

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Free Fire Airdrop Top Up Apps

There is no dedicated app for free fire airdrop top up, But you can use UPI Apps such as Paytm, Google pay, And phone pay to top up special airdrops. Here are some names of apps that you can use to buy special airdrop in free fire:

  • Amazon Pay
  • Phone Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Bhim UPI
  • Paytm

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How To Get 10 rs Airdrop In Free Fire?

Special airdrop offers are primarily famous for their 10 rs price. Players enjoy the 10 rs special airdrop more than any other high-priced airdrop. Below are some methods which you can follow to get a 10 rs special airdrop in the free fire.

Stop Buying Diamonds: Firstly, you have to stop buying diamonds in the free fire. Once you stop buying diamonds, membership, and elite passes, the game systems will automatically provide you with a 10 rs special airdrop. 

Play Only Classic matches: Stop playing ranked games and custom room tournaments, and only play the classic matches by turning off the auto-matching option. Follow this for a minimum of three days to get a 10 rs special airdrop. 

Play with beginners: If you play the game with beginners or newbies, it increases the chances of getting a 10 rs airdrop. This is because most beginners get the 10 rs airdrop. After all, it attracts them to buy in-game items. Check more methods of getting 10 rs airdrop.

FAQ’s – Garena Free Fire Airdrop Top Up

How to get airdrop in free fire?

All methods to get a special airdrop in the free fire are mentioned in this article. Follow them to obtain a special airdrop.

How to get Special Airdrop in free fire daily?

You can get the special airdrop in free fire daily by stoping buying diamonds.

Special airdrop in free fire top up with paytm?

The steps of top up free fire airdrop with Paytm are already mentioned at the top of the article. So follow them to buy the airdrop using the Paytm app.

How to top up special airdrop in free fire?

You can top up the special airdrop from various UPI Apps, and you can also redeem codes to buy the special airdrop for free.


A special airdrop is the best way to obtain premium game items at a low price. In this fantastic post, we discussed what airdrop is and saw a complete method for free fire airdrop top up.

Airdrop is basically nothing but a package where you will get various items at a discounted price. If you buy those items directly from the store, it will cost a bit higher, which is why many players purchase airdrops instead of buying the items from the official store.

We hope you liked this article on free fire airdrop top up. Make sure to share it with your free fire buddies. Also, if you have any quires related to this article, then comment below. We will try to help you as soon as possible.


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