How To Unlock All Characters In Free Fire For Free

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Want to Know How to unlock all characters in free fire for free? Most Free fire players want to get all characters for free. Characters play a major role In Overall gameplay. Without Best and Powerful characters, You can not win the Boyaah in the free fire. So here is the complete article on Unlock all free fire characters without diamonds. We are sure after reading this article you will definitely get character for free. So Let’s start.

How to Unlock All Character In Free Fire For Free

How To Get All Character In Free Fire For Free

It’s challenging to get all characters for free, But complicated means not Impossible. Here I am sharing more than 5+ Working Tricks to Unlock All characters in the free fire with you And remember that all these methods are safe and effortless to use.

Unlock All free fire character with Gold Coins

Unlock All free fire character with Gold Coins

Most of the characters in Garena free fire available in Gold, So you can easily unlock them for free with the help of gold coins. You can earn Gold coins by playing the Ranked game and using a 2x Gold card. You can unlock Antonio, Caroline, Paloma, Kelly, Ford, And 6+ More characters with gold coins. So use Gold to Unlock characters for free in the free fire. You can Also Convert Your Gold Coins Into diamonds Using Our Gold Coin converter for free fire.

Unlock Free Fire All Characters Using Free Diamonds

You are reading this article because You don’t have diamonds in your free fire account, Right? But don’t worry, It is very easy to get free diamonds using our free fire diamond generate, And that too without any verification. You can easily Generate 10000 diamonds instant Using Our Diamond Generator and Unlock all characters for free. Must check the Link is mentioned below.

Unlock All Free Fire Characters Using Redeem Codes

Unlock All Free Fire Characters Using Redeem Codes

Free Fire Provides Lots of redeem codes for Unlocking characters Like DJ Alok for free. Follow the steps mentioned below for unlocking all characters without diamonds.

  1. At first Click Here, And Copy any one Character redeem code
  2. After the redeem code copied, Go to this Page FF Redemption
  3. Now On this page Click On redeem Code, And login using Your Free Fire account
  4. Directly Paste the Code You copied from the Our Redeem code article
  5. Now Click On redeem And check Your Free fire account. There Must be some characters that get Unlocked.

Login Daily To Get Free Fire Characters For Free

Login Daily To Get Free Fire Characters For Free

If you log in daily in the free fire, you automatically know all information about the latest events. Every month, so many events come like “login for three days to get free characters.” So These types of events are the best way to get free all characters in the free fire. You can also follow the social media and Youtube channel of Garena free fire to know more about these events.

Unlock All Free Fire Character For Free Using Special Airdrop

A special airdrop is the best way to Unlock free fire characters. You can quickly Get Joseph character for free using a special airdrop. If you don’t get special airdrop of 10rs, Then Click Here to get an Instant special airdrop of 10 rupees With 299 diamonds.

Unlock free fire character By Winning Giveaway

Most popular gaming streamers Organise giveaways to gain their Popularity and Subscribers. You can participate in their giveaways contest to win free DJ Alok and Other Character. Most Of Free Fire players Use this trick to Unlock Premium characters for free. You can also comment down your Id in this article to win free DJ Alok. Giveaway is the best way to get Free fire diamonds and all characters for free.

How to get all characters in free fire For free 2021: Unlock all character in free fire 2021

Unlock all character in free fire

Here are Some Bonus tricks to Get free Character in free fire

  • Play in free fire Advanced server
  • Find Any Glitch and mistake in-game
  • Now record the Glitch, Bug, And Mistake you find
  • Send to Garena free fire team
  • You will Get free diamonds instant.

How To Unlock Free Fire Characters Using Diamonds

Most of the characters are Legendary characters of free fire, and You need to Buy them. You can’t Unlock Them For free directly. We already mentioned Indirect Ways to Unlock legendary characters for free. Now here are Official methods To Get the Characters for free.

Top Up Events

how to purchase character in free fire

All free fire characters come in free fire by the top-up event. Top up event is the best method to get all free fire characters at a very cheap rate. I know diamonds are Costly but don’t worry about it. We have shared some best websites to buy diamonds at a very reasonable rate. Try them ones.

Buy characters from free fire shop

how to purchase character in free fire for free

Most players don’t know how to purchase characters in free fire. If You also don’t know, So follow these steps one by one.

  • Open Free Fire
  • Click On Store Icon
  • Now, In the normal section, scroll down and click On Character
  • Now select the Character You want to purchase And Click On Purchase
  • After deducting the diamonds from your account, the Character will Unlock successfully.

Note: Characters Prices vary from time to time. Most of the characters are available in 499 diamonds, And some Ultra legendary characters are available in 599 diamonds. 

FAQ – How to Unlock All character in Garena free fire for Free 2021

How to unlock All characters in free fire for free?

Log in daily and special festival seasons to get free character Event Because every festive free fire provides free character to their players. You can easily buy most of the characters from gold. There are 10+ characters that you can buy easily from Gold Coins. You can collect gold simply by playing a ranked game and using a 2X gold card you can Multiply Your GOLD. The characters like DJ Alok and Wukong are easily Unlock Using Google Opinion Reward App. Go to the play store and search the Google opinion app. Now Answer some survey to Win free google Play balance. Now You can Buy any character using this Google play Balance. Try To Answer More survey to Earn more Balance.

How to Get Free Character In free fire 2021?

Jai’s character is given to everyone for free For just solving a simple puzzle. So try to log in daily to the free fire. You can top up to get free characters Like Joseph And Wukong As top-up Rewards. You Can also Join the advanced server to get free characters. Garena free fire Advanced server players get free characters and so many Gifts Every Day.

Free fire partner program To get Free characters?

If you are a Youtuber, then You can join the Free fire partner Program. You will get free 1000 diamonds and free character as a joining bonus. You will also bring New characters before their official launch for testing And review purposes. You need a Minimum of 10000 Subscribers On Your Youtube channel to Join the free fire Partner program.

Vpn trick to get free character in the free fire?

You can use VPN to get free characters in free fire, But you can not change the server in your main account. So try to create a new ff account using Facebook Or any other supportable platform. Now download any VPN from the play store and connect it to the best free fire server And You will see completely different events, You can also Unlock Premium characters in Gold Using this trick. Check Out Our Article On the Free fire server list to learn more About this trick.

How to win free fire character for free?

You can play free fire tournaments to win free diamonds and character. The tournament also helps You to learn so many new things, experience new gameplays, and find new teammates.

Best free fire servers to get free characters?

There are 30+ servers of Garena free fire, but the Best events for free characters have only come in few servers, so here is the list of the top 5 servers to get free characters and best free fire events. Garena free fire Brazil server, Garena free fire Vietnam server, Garena free fire Thailand server, Garena free fire India server, Garena free fire Singapore server. The most popular servers to get free characters are free fire Vietnam and free fire India.

How to unlock all characters in the free fire with Gold coinds?

The simple answer to this Question is No Because you can not unlock all characters in the free fire with gold coins. After all, most of the powerful and helpful characters are paid, So need to buy them with the help of diamonds.

Free fire character hack?

We are getting so many comments related to free fire character hack, and If you are also thinking something about this, then please stop thinking more about it because you can not hack characters in free fire. You can only unlock characters using diamonds. Without diamonds, you can not get premium characters. You can use all our methods available in this article, and they will help you to unlock all characters legally without any hack.

Conclusion –

I Hope You Liked This Article On How to unlock all characters in free fire for free. You can use all methods mentioned in this article to get free characters in free fire. Don’t forget to Share Our Article with Your friends. If Your Phone heat and Get lag when playing free fire, Read Our Article On How to Fix lag and Mobile Heat problems in the free fire.

Thank You, Take care And Bye-bye.


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