How To Change Nickname In Free Fire Without Diamond

how to change nickname in free fire without diamond
Guide: how to change nickname in free fire without diamond

Garena free fire, one of the fastest-growing battle royal games, has recently reached more than 1.1 billion downloads worldwide. The reason behind this game’s success is its excellent graphics.

Free fire every day come up with new ideas and events. Also, the creation of each mode is impressive, like ranked games, clash squad, classic game, convey crunch, and many more.

Garena recently launched his one more battle royal game application known as free fire max. The concept of this application is the same as the Garena free fire application. However, the free fire max has some upgraded graphics, making this game more enjoyable to play. If you have a high GB gaming phone or PC, you can easily play this game.

When you make your account in the free fire game, they ask you to enter a username. This username is specially made for your In-game character. Also, this username makes a different identity of yourself in that game. Many users use any name for their account, and they want to change that name after some time.

In Garena free fire, if you want to change your nickname (username), you have to pay some amount of diamonds, or if you have a name changer card, you can easily change your name without spending diamonds.

Today with the help of this fantastic and exciting article, you will get to know about how to change nicknames in the free fire without Diamonds.

How to change nickname in free fire without diamond

Change nickname in free fire without diamond
Name change card event

There are two ways of changing your nickname (username) in the game. The first one is by spending 390 diamonds, and the second way is by simply using a name change card.

Now, if your existing free fire ID doesn’t have so many achievements and skins, then you should make a new ID and give your account the best nickname. On the other hand, if your existing ID has achieved many outfits, coats, and a good rank, you should use a name changer card Or free earned diamonds to change the account’s name.

1. Change your nickname using free diamonds

Change your nickname using free diamonds
Use free diamonds for changing nickname in free fire

Many players think that you can only get diamonds when you spend real money on them, but it is not true. Nowadays, you can quickly get free diamonds for your free fire account. You have to follow some simple steps. For changing nicknames in free fire, you need a minimum of 390 diamonds are. By following the steps mentioned below, you can easily earn 390 diamonds for changing your free fire name.

  • At first, Open the free fire diamonds generator.
  • Now, scroll the page till the end, and you will find a “form” of getting free diamonds.
  • Enter your free fire username there, and click on generate diamonds button.
  • After a few minutes, you will get 390 diamonds in your free fire account, and you can claim them via the in-game mailbox.
  • After collecting the free diamonds, open your free fire profile, click on the pencil icon, which will be on the left side of your nickname.
  • After that, you will see a box asking for a new name. Enter there the nickname which you want to use.
  • Click on the “390 Diamonds” option for changing the nickname successfully.

By following these steps, you can change your nickname in the free fire without diamonds. However, we are using 390 diamonds in this method, But we haven’t purchased those diamonds or added them by spending money. Instead, we have used a tool to get 390 diamonds for free.

2. Change your nickname using name change card

Using a name change card is the best way to change your name in the free fire without diamonds. You can quickly get this card from the store section and guild reward section, or else you can get this card from various events as a reward.

How to get name change card in free fire

How to get name change card in free fire
Steps to obtain name change card in free fire

If you claimed the 390 diamonds from the method mentioned above, follow the steps mentioned below to use a name change card from the store section of the free fire.

  • Open the Garena free fire game on your mobile or PC
  • Login to your account using available login options. 
  • Click on the Store section, click on “collection,” Go to the “items” section.
  • Scroll down, And select the name changing card. 
  • You’ll see you have to give 199 diamonds to buy that card. So if you have sufficient diamonds, click on the buy button.
  • Now, click on the “use name change card” option, type the name whatever you want to put as a nickname, and click on the Save button. 

Note: The name change card is only available for a few days of a month in the store section, So if you want to obtain it, you need to visit the store section every day to check whether it is available or not. 

How to get name change card in free fire without diamonds

Now, the question arises: What if you don’t own enough diamonds to buy a name change card. In this situation, You can get a free name change card using guild tokens without spending a single diamond.

How to change name in free fire without diamonds
  • Visit the guild section of the free fire.
  • Complete the achievable mission, and collect the guild tokens. 
  • After that, click on Store, Click on redeem section, and select the “guild reward” option.
  • In the guild reward section, you can see many rewards like weapon crates, diamond vouchers, weapon vouchers, character fragments, name changing cards.
  • Select the name changing card and acquire it by exchanging the guild tokens. 
  • After acquiring, you can use that card from your vault section, and through this, you can change your nickname.

You can easily change your nickname in Garena free fire without diamonds using these simple actions. Also, You can get many free rewards using these guild tokens.

You Must Know About:

FAQ’s –

How many times free fire allows one to change a nickname?

There is no limit to changing nicknames in the free fire game. But, you can only use the name change card 25 Times.

How to change the free fire normal nickname into a fancy name?

There are many apps and tools for creating fancy names for free fire. You can generate your fancy name using one of them and use the generated name instead of the normal nickname.

Conclusion –

With the help of this exciting post, we learned how we could change the nickname in the free fire without diamonds. We had seen that there are usually two ways of changing names in the free fire. The first way of changing names is by earning free 390 diamonds for changing the name, and the second way is by completing guild tasks for getting a free name changer card.

If you have any queries or doubts regarding this article, please feel free to comment. If you want to get free unlimited diamonds in free fire, Then click here to access the free fire diamond generator.


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