How To Get Kungfu Tigers Emote In Free Fire (Free)

How To Get Kungfu Tigers Emote In Free Fire

Garena Free Fire has introduced a new top-up event in the game. The name of this top-up event is Kungfu Tigers Top-Up. Through this event, players can acquire three different items.

Kungfu Tigers Top Up

Garena never fails to bring unique top-up events into the game. So on 28 Jan 2022, free fire has added a new top-up event in the game. And this event will stay with us till 02 Fab 2022. In this event, players can unlock three rewards: Ferocious facepaint mask, SDV- Frozen platinum weapon skin, and Kungfu tigers emote.

On the top-up of 100 diamonds, players will get a Ferocious facepaint mask. On the top-up of 300 Diamonds, players will get Frozen platinum weapon skin, and on the top-up of 500 Diamonds, players can unlock the kungfu tigers emote.

Ferocious Facepaint mask

It is a face mask with having an attractive design on its left side. There are many face masks in the free fire game, and this mask is a little bit different from them. If you want to obtain this mask, you have to top up 100 diamonds in your free fire account.

SDV- Frozen platinum weapon skin

Frozen platinum weapon skin

SDV is a sniper rifle in the free fire. The new Frozen platinum skin of SDV weapon comes with a high range, high magazine, and low accuracy attributes. The looks of this weapon’s skin are average, but it looks good compared to other SDV weapon skins. You can top up 300 Diamonds to receive this weapon skin.

kungfu tigers emote

How to get Kungfu Tigers Emote

Kungfu tigers emote is the leading and most attractive reward of this top-up event. When players use this emote, the characters perform as a Kungfu master with a small tiger.

How to get Kungfu Tigers Emote for free:

If you want to get Kungfu Tigers Emote for free, then you can use the free diamond top-up tricks. Players have to top up 500 diamonds for unlocking this emote, and it is effortless to get 500 diamonds top-up in the free fire. 

So what do you think about this top-up event? Let us know in the comments.



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