Free Fire 10 Rupees Offer Top Up For Free

Free Fire 10 Rupees Offer Top Up Details
Free Fire 10 Rupees Offer Top Up Details

Free fire is a battle royal game, and the most important things in every battle royale games are their Skins and Bundles. In the Free fire game, special offers are the best way to grab all these things at a very cheap rate. Unfortunately, mainly very few players get these types of special offers, which are priced 10rs. So if you get them, you are too lucky.

If you want full details about Free Fire 10 Rupees Offer Top up, you are on the right article. In this article, I will share the complete information related to the Special offer, and I will also share some secret tricks to get them again rapidly. So read this article carefully to know more about special offers of Free fire. So let’s start.

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Last updateUpdated every day ( in every 6 hours)
Uses of diamondsDiamonds can be used to obtain many free fire in-game items like Dj Alok characters, Gun skins, Level-up passes, membership, Premium bundles, etc.
Diamond amountUsing the Free Fire 10 Rupees Offer Top Up you can collect 299 diamonds, 99 Diamonds, and 999 Diamonds every day.
Number of Free Fire 10 Rupees Offer Top Up Tricks added hereMore than 4
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What is 10 Rupees Offer?

What is 10 Rupees Offer
What is 10 Rupees Offer

Friends, a Special offer is a type of special package which comes with free diamonds and some In-game items of free fire. The price of this package varies from 10 rupees to 1999 rupees. That is why I said in the first paragraph: If you get the 10 Rupper Price for this offer, you are too lucky. Mainly special Offers packages come with 4 Emotes Or 4 Gun Skins crate boxes. Or with 100 Diamonds and one Legendary Bundle (Bundle is a pack of a costume).

There are more than 40+ types of Special offers in Free fire, and each offer contains different rewards which change from time to time. Special Offers are only one way to get Premium items of Free fire At a very cheap rate. Special offers only have a time limit of only 24 hours. If you do not purchase them within the time limit, they get expired.

How To Get 10 Rupees Offer?

I think some of you may don’t know how to get 10 rupees Offer instantly. If you want to get it, Follow the simple steps given below to get a 10 Rupees offer:

  • First of all, download the files of Special Offer from here, and extract them in any folder of your phone.
  • Now, copy the files and paste them insides the file folder of Free fire.
  • Go to settings of Free fire and click on Clear Data.
  • Start Free fire and all allow file permission that the game asks, and log in to your account using Facebook.
  • Start a Classic match in the Bermuda map, kill 6 Players accurately by headshot, and exit the match.
  • After exiting the match, you will get a 10 rupees special airdrop on the bottom side of the game’s screen. Click on it to acquire the Special offer.

Note: You can repeat these same processes once if you do not get the Special offer in once. These files will only work with the 4nniversary version of Free fire, So update your game before using this method. If you want to get the Special offer daily, you can play the Classic match daily at 9:00 AM. At that time, you will see many Bot in the game, So you can quickly kill 6 Players.

How To Top up Free Fire 10 Rupees Offer

Now, let’s discuss the main topic, “Free Fire 10 Rupees Offer Top Up” So, you first need to have 10 Rupees in your Free fire account to buy this offer. Without 10 rupees, you can’t obtain this offer. There are Lot’s of ways to top-up 10 rupees in Free Fire account, which are explained below:

Top up using Paytm:

Top up using Paytm
Top up using Paytm
  • Open the Paytm app and Login into your account using your Mobile number.
  • Now, at the main screen of the Paytm app, you will get an option of “Google play recharge” click on it, and enter an amount of 110 Rupees because you can’t buy Google play recharge below 110 Rupees from Paytm.
  • After entering the amount, click on process, and pay the amount using your Paytm wallet.
  • Now, you will receive an email with a Google play code, So check it and copy the code given in it.
  • Now, open free fire, click on the special offer, click buy now, select the payment method as Google play, enter the copied code there, and tick continue. After that, 110 rupees will get added to your account. Now, click on the Buy button to Unlock the Special offer.

Top up Using Amazon Pay:

Top up Using Amazon Pay
Top up Using Amazon Pay
  • Go to the account of Amazon pay, Or if you don’t have one, create a new account, it will only take few minutes.
  • Now, at the main screen of Amazon pay, Scroll down below, and you will get an option of “Google play recharge” Click on it.
  • Now, At black box will open in front of you, So you need to enter ten rupees there. After entering the amount, click on continue.
  • Now, you will get redirected to the payment page, where you need to select a payment method. You can choose a debit card as a payment method.
  • Now, enter your card details there, click on the “Place order and pay” button, and you will receive a 10 rupees Google recharge code via message.
  • Now, open the message and copy the 16 digits recharge code, paste it on the purchasing page of the special offer, and click on continue for top-up the special offer.

Top up directly using UPI ID:

Top-up directly using UPI ID
Top-up directly using UPI ID
  • Nowadays, everyone uses UPI apps like Bhim UPI and other net banking apps, which provide the UPI Id. So it is very easy to top-up Special Offer using UPI ID.
  • Open the Free fire, and click on special offer.
  • Now, Click on the Buy offer button, and choose the payment method as UPI.
  • Now, Open Your Net banking app, Or BHIM UPI app, copy your UBI id from there, enter it on the payment method page of Free fire, and click on Process.
  • After few seconds, you will get a notification from the UPI app, click on it, and accept the payment request send by free fire.
  • After accepting the request, you will get a 10 Rupees top-up for Special airdrop, and all the rewards obtainable in it will get Unlocked.

How To Buy 10 Ruppes Offer without Money

If you don’t have enough money to buy Special Airdrop, you can buy it for free, using Free Fire’s pre-recharged accounts. You will get 100 rupees for free in these accounts, and you can also share this money with your original account. If you want to Facebook ID And Passwords of Pre-recharged accounts, then you can click here. You can use these accounts for a limited time and use the money available to buy special offers for free.

FAQ’s: Free Fire Special Airdrop Offer Top Up

What is the redeem code for top-up of 10 rupees offer?

The redeem codes for 10 rupees offer top-up is B8VCX9NPPP8WG1KS. Other redeem codes also look similar and have 16 digits, a mix of alphabets and numbers. If you want to get more redeem codes, you can check our article on Redeem codes. You can only use Redeem code one time. After that, you need to get another one.

Is there any website to 10 rupees Offer top-up?

There are so many websites for 10 rupees top-up. Example and But if you top-up from these websites, you will receive the top-up in the form of diamonds, not money, and the special offers need money to unlock. So you only need to top-up using Net banking or UPI apps for opening the Special offer.

How many times can I buy a 10 rupees Offer?

There is no limit to how many times you can buy the 10 rupees special offer. But, you will only get these airdrop nine times a month.

Which is the best app to top-up 10 rupees Offer?

Amazon pay is the best app to top-up 10 rupees offer because you can easily top-up the needed amount of 10 rupees. Other apps require a minimum of 110 rupees for completing the transaction. In addition, the Amazon pay app is safe and also easy to use. Further, the account creation process of Amazon pay is easy compared to other apps.


Friends, it is effortless to top-up 10 Rupees offer. You just need to set up an online payment account to create a UPI ID, and you can use this UPI ID as a payment method and complete the transactions of 10 rupees offer top-up. You can also top-up the special offer using Apps like Amazon pay, Google pay, and Paytm. Moreover, you can use the Free fire diamond generator to get free unlimited diamonds by clicking here. If you get the diamonds, you can directly buy the Items of the special offer from the shop ats their original prices.

I hope you understand the complete topic, and If you still have questions in your mind, comment below, I will try to solve them.

Thank you, keep enjoying gaming.


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