How To Win Every CS Rank Matches In Free Fire

How To Win Every CS Rank Matches In Free Fire

Friends, welcome to today’s post where we are going to share some tips that are related to gameplay we can assure you that you are going to learn a lot from this post and your gameplay would be improved. We are going to share a lot of factors upon which you could improve your gaming experience as well as your gameplay. So let’s begin now.

You might be knowing that CS ranked is one of the most loved and highly responded modes in the free fire. You can relate to it if you are a true lover of instant matches and short-term fights. So, this mode is the best suitable for you all. But most of the players are highly concerned about winning the match in CS ranked matches in free fire so that l, there win rate could be boosted. Isn’t it? But this can not be done until you show your explicit performance.

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Hence, to do this and win most of the CS-ranked matches, you need to perform some extraordinary activities that are based on the factors of experience. And that’s what we are going to share in this post. Now just focus on the below instructions.

How To Win Every CS Rank Matches In Free Fire?

How To Win Every CS Rank Matches In Free Fire

  1. Use an earphone or headphones so that you could track the enemy correctly
  2. Always use a perfect device that has the best combination of RAM and processor
  3. Don’t play with random teammates, instead make a group of your friends and start playing keeping the mic and sound transmission enabled
  4. Try to use the best combination of characters that should include Moco and Kelly so that you could locate an enemy and run faster. (Try to use awakened Moco & awakened Kelly)
  5. Try to drop a perfect headshot on your enemy and for this, you will need to practice on the training ground for multiple days
  6. Use the drag shot method because it takes less time to kill the enemy than regular
  7. Learn to deploy gloo walls perfectly and at the perfect time, this can be practiced under training mode > gloo school
  8. Try to play as a rusher because it built confidence and your movement will also get boosted through it

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So friends, here are the 8 useful tips that can boost your pattern of gameplay. If every 8 steps would be verified successfully by you, then you can perfectly win all the matches but for that, you need to build some strategy. We hope this article would be useful to you. So we are ending up here, kindly stay connected with us so that you couldn’t miss any posts with perfect information, updates, and tips regarding free fire and free fire max.


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