Method For Free Fire 1 Diamond Top Up

Method For Free Fire 1 Diamond Top Up

If you want to know about the exact method of free fire 1 diamond top up, Then you are at the right place.

Garena free fire is the official best gaming platform worldwide. It has millions of users who played free fire and their tournaments; some also choose this game as a career opportunity. Free fire gives so many exciting things to make their game on top. In the free fire, some people have so many rare items like bundles, vehicles, gun skins, and many more, and if you guys also want these items, you have to top up the game. Now, what is top-up?

If you want to buy these items, you need the help of diamonds. Through diamonds, you can buy anything, or we can say any extraordinary things through the events, Store, and luck royal. Many more, you can top up diamonds through various platforms and free fire diamond top up apps.

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Steps for free fire 1 diamond top up

Steps for free fire 1 diamond top up

Friends, the process of free fire 1 diamond top up is straightforward. The famous top-up store Codashop has a 1 diamond top-up option, but they recently removed it because very few players were using it. So for free fire 1 diamond top-up, we will use the SEAGM website, and the details about this top-up store are given below. 

What is SEAGM?

SEAGM is a trusted online game store. This website was founded in 2007, and it is one of the fastest-growing game stores across southeast Asia. In addition, this company has started to provide in-game currency in exchange for real money.

You can use this fantastic website for purchasing in-game currencies, top-ups, coupons, and many more. You can buy these items and pay securely through your credit cards, debit cards, or e-wallet. For making payments through your e-wallet, you can use various apps such as Paytm, phonepe, Google pay, airtel payment bank, and many more.

You can buy 100+ games in-game items with the help of this single website. In addition, this website provides top-up of various games like PUBG UC, free fire diamonds, Mobile legends diamonds, and many other apps.

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How to top up 1 diamond using SEAGM?

Let’s see how you can use the SEAGM website for a top-up. Follow these simple steps, and you can easily top up 1 diamond in your free fire id. 

  • Open your chrome or any other browser.
  • Then click on the search bar and search for the term SEAGM
  • Then open the first website, which is shown in the search result. 
  • On the homepage, you will find a free fire option click on that option. 
  • Then you will find various diamonds denominations options. You have to choose 5 diamonds
  • Then you will be asked to enter your free fire UID and nickname
  • Then you have to select a payment option.
  • After selecting the mode of payment, you have to confirm the payment.
  • Then open the free fire application, and in the diamond section, you will see your purchased diamonds have been added. 

You can top up just five diamonds by spending only 5 rupees through this process. See, there is no application or any third-party website to top-up 1 diamond. So the minimum top-up you can make through a third-party website is 5 diamonds only.

1 diamond top up rewards

Recently free fire has launched an event known as one diamond top-up event. As the event’s name says, you have to make a top-up of 1 diamond to get a reward, which is a cricket master bat. It is a skin of the bat that players can claim after 1 diamond top-up. Now, as I had told you, the minimum top-up is five diamonds, So you have to follow some simple tricks to obtain the 1 diamond top-up reward.

You have to tell your friend to top-up 5 diamonds. After he gets five diamonds in his ID, ask him to send one diamond as a gift in your ID. Then just go to the message section and claim that one diamond; through this simple trick, you can quickly get that cricket master bat skin. You can also create a guest account in free fire, then make a top-up of 5 diamonds in that guest account, then send 1 diamond to your main account.

This trick is not only for getting cricket master bat skin; you can also use this trick for various other events. Free fire keeps launching new and unique events. If they launch any event requiring 1 diamond top-up, you can use these tricks.

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FAQ’s – Free fire 1 diamond top up

How to top up 1 diamond in free fire for free?

We also shared the trick of gifting diamonds from one account to another account in this article. Using it trick, you can easily top-up 1 diamond for free.

Redeem code for free fire 1 diamond top up?

There are many redeem codes avaiable for free fire 1 diamond top-up. If you want to collect them, you can join our telegram group.

Which things are available in free fire in 1 diamond?

Using 1 diamond, you can acquire top-up events items such as bag skin, emotes, bundles, and loot crates.


In this article, We learned the free fire 1 diamond top up method. Also, we had seen that you couldn’t make a top-up of 1 diamond. The minimum amount which you can make a top-up is five diamonds. Also, we had seen how we could get 1 diamond in your ff account using a simple trick.

Many videos are available on youtube on how to top up 1 in the free fire. But, In their videos, they use untrusted websites, which are not safe.

You have to be aware of them because while making a top-up, you have to pay, and for paying, you have to add your payment details. So if you are using untrusted websites or applications and adding your personal information, the chances of getting fraud ultimately increase. So, keep in mind whenever you are going to top-up, only use verified top-up stores by Garena.


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