Upcoming Gold Royale In Free Fire Max: Dauntless Commander Bundle

Upcoming Gold Royale In Free Fire Max Dauntless Commander Bundle

So guys, welcome to our new post. Today we are here to show you the upcoming gold royale in Free fire max on our Indian server. A long time remains to switch to a new gold royale bundle, but we are providing updates soon. We have taken these pics and news out via some international FF server. So today, we will explain the latest gold royale bundle.

Upcoming Gold Royale In Free Fire Max

Overview of Dauntless Commander Bundle

Overview of Dauntless Commander Bundle

So, guys, the upcoming gold royale bundle is going to be named as Dauntless Commander Bundle. Have you guessed anything by its name? The name itself indicates that the bundle has some military effects. The whole bundle is an entire copied garment taken from the military. So, yes, the bundle is based on an army uniform. You can see the pics for reference.

The bundle’s top wear is an old shirt that was used to wore via the guards of the Mughals. The bundle has a sword inside its cover at the waist, assembled below a towel. Below the bundle has grey coloured trousers, and at the knees, the shoes are elongated to the knees. The hairstyle is something different but not actually like an army. The bundle also has a large mustang. In a word, this latest gold royale bundle in free fire max is fantastic. 

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Review of the latest gold royale bundle

Review of the latest gold royale bundle

Since the bundle will be free of cost, you need either gold or vouchers to take out the bundle. It is really worth it as compared to previous gold royale bundles. The bundle is elegant and clean, and the most positive thing is its hairstyle and mustang, which seems attractive and pleasant.

So, guys, this article was based upon an upcoming item in our Indian server of free fire max. We regularly bring similar contents that are very useful for every free fire player. So you can stay tuned with us for all types of news and items that are going on and will be upcoming in the free fire max.


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