How To Get The First Trogon Gun Skin In Free Fire

How to get the first Trogon gun skin in the free fire

So, friends, you must be aware of the regulations of free fire about the OB update. Every OB update in free fire brings out various changes in the game and the in-game environment. Also, it introduces a lot many new items in the game. Similarly, according to the OB update policy, every time the game gains an OB update, a new weapon and character are injected into the game. So for sure, after the OB37 update, this must be done. Yes, the new items had been introduced under the game.

The new weapon Trogon is the new weapon and it’s a hybrid gun that is a combo of shotgun and grenade launcher. But you might be considering what’s the information about. So, in this post, we want to tell you How to get the first Trogon gun skin in the free fire? Yes, the very first skin for a weapon – Trogon has been launched and is available for all players. Just follow the steps below and you could easily possess the very first Trogon gun skin in the free fire.

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How to get the first Trogon gun skin in the free fire?

Friends, before knowing How to get the first Trogon gun skin in free fire, just have some details about its presence. It’s been 2 weeks since the launch of the gun but the developers took no time for the skin of the same gun. The developers launched an all-new Trogon gun skin – Violet dear with some special attributes.

This gun skin is present under an event and will remain until the 5th of December. So users have got only a few days to obtain this gun skin. The gun skin is placed under the latest top-up event that is Death Bite Top-up Event in the free fire. So follow our instructions so that you could easily avail the gun skin. But before that know its attributes.

What are the attributes of Trogon Violet Fear?

The attributes of Trogon Violet Fear are:




How to get the first Trogon gun skin in the free fire?

To get the latest and first Trogon skin in free fire – The Violet Fear, do as stated:

  • Login to the game
  • Go to the top-up event or top-up section
  • There you will see a popup event that is having 2 items

o Trogon skin – The Violet Fear

o Death bite scarf skin

  • The Trogon skin will cost you only 100 diamonds top-up, so proceed to make a top-up of 100 diamonds and make sure, there would be a minimum of 80₹ in your default payment method.
  • Now click on the 80₹ icon
  • You will reach to the payment interface
  • Proceed to make payment
  • After a successful transaction, you can claim the Trogon skin easily.

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So friends, here was a post all about How to get the first Trogon gun skin in the free fire? We hope you loved reading it. Please share this post with your friends and show your support. Also, stay tuned for more information and updates about free fire and free fire max.


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