Free Fire New weapon – Kord full details

Free Fire New weapon Kord full details

Garena free fire has become the most popular mobile game nowadays. Every day Garena is launching Amazing events for their players. Here are complete details of the New weapon – Kord, So read this article completely to know all about this new powerful weapon of free fire.

Basic details of weapon  KORD

Basic details of weapon – KORD

KORD Weapon fires bullets the same as Dragunov weapon, but the damage of Kord is very low compared to the weapon Dragunov. Kord is Sniper + assault weapon, and You can use KORD weapon for Long-range snipping.

Damage And Accuracy –

Most of the players saying this new weapon a bot weapon because this weapon’s damage is only 35 which is very low compared to other weapons available in the free fire. Accuracy is also not good, and You will see too recoil in KORD Weapon.

Availability –

You can now try this weapon in training mode and also in the free fire advance server. This weapon is officially releasing on 17 April 2021. [ Free Fire OB 17 Update ]

Watch This Video for more Information about KORD Weapon

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