No Incubator Royale From June 2023 In Free Fire Max

No Incubator Royale From June 2023 In Free Fire Max?

Stating the first line sadly for the first time with some heart-touching news in the game free fire and free fire max, we want to share with you some update which is really not good but you need to be informed as some part of it may help you save your stuff. So, friends, today’s post is sad, so don’t miss it in any way as it is going to be useful for those who love spending assets on luck royals like diamond royale and Incubator Royale.

So let us begin today’s post without any further delay where we are going to cover a piece of news that is officially stated via Garena and the changes regarding it is going to take place soon. Let us begin it without any more delay.

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Incubator Royale News In Free Fire

No Incubator Royale From June 2023 In Free Fire Max?

Guys, if you play the game regularly and you are the one who keeps insisting on various tabs in the game, then you would have seen a banner that is discoverable in the events section > news section. There a banner has been posted on which something sad is written. The image is uploaded above and you can read the text below after which we shall state it in an easy way.


Dear Survivors,

Please note that from 1 June 2023 onwards, Diamond Royale and Incubator will no longer be available, and existing vouchers for both events cannot be used after this date.

Please remember to use your remaining vouchers before 31 May 2023.

We thank you for all your support!

-Free Fire MAX Operations Team

No Incubator Royale From June 2023 In Free Fire Max?

Friends, via this statement, the officials have stated that the diamond royale and the incubator royale will not be going to be found from 1st June 2023. It means the ongoing Diamond Royale and Incubator Royale is the last one that will available till the 31st of May 2023. Afterward, the second historical change will be made by removing these two evergreen events from the game.

The point of profit is that you have to use all your vouchers for Diamond Royale and Incubator Royale till the 31st of May 2023 as after that day, these Vouchers will be useless to you. Hence make sure to use the vouchers.

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So, friends, we felt so sad about it because Incubator Royale was the one event that used to have the most overrated items but it’s the last one. Today we won’t say you would have enjoyed the post, just be with us so that you could be updated with every solo information about free fire and free fire max.


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