How To Get The Monster Attack Scar In Free Fire Max?

How To Get The Monster Attack Scar In Free Fire Max

If we ask you what is your favorite gun in Free Fire, what will be your answer? You can present your answer in our comment section. But we want to tell you that the choice of many people will be a gun which is an all-rounder gun and we know it by the name of Scar. Yes friends, this is personally my favorite gun which I like to use in Battle Royale. So today’s article is related to the same gun, so let’s start with it without any delay.

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New Event In Free Fire Max : The Monster Ring

How To Get The Monster Attack Scar In Free Fire Max

Friends, if you have read our previous post then you would must be knowing that a new event has come in our Indian server, its name is Monster Ring and we had given its complete details in the previous article but in this article we will give you some important instructions through which you will be able to get the items present inside this event and this time the developers have also introduced a new skin of Scar which is inside this event and its attributes alone are very killer. So let us know the instructions to achieve it and we will also highlight its attributes.

How To Get The Monster Attack Scar In Free Fire Max?

How To Get The Monster Attack Scar In Free Fire Max

  • First of all, open the game free fire max
  • Now you have to go to the Luck Royale Section
  • From here, tap on the tab – Monster Ring
  • You will see the interface there with rewards
  • Below you will see 2 options for making spins, first one will cost 20 Diamonds for 1 spin while the other one will cost 200 Diamonds for 11 spins
  • Now start making spins and try to choose the second option as it’s worthy
  • Make enough spins to either obtain Monster Attack Scar or 200 Ring Tokens
  • If the gun skin would prevail, then it’s fine or you can get it after exchanging 200 tokens in the exchange centre
  • Now you are done

What Are The Attributes Of Monster Attack Scar?

  • ++ Rate Of Fire
  • + Accuracy
  • – Movement Speed

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So guys, here are the article which will be helpful if you want to have the new gun skin based on Scar. It’s a top notch classified skin with awesome attributes, hence avoid missing out and if capable, take it out. We hope, you would have liked this article, so share it with your friends and keep us joined for further updates and information about free fire and free fire max.


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