How To Get 300 Diamond Airdrops In the Free Fire?

special airdrop 299 diamonds

Hello friends and welcome to today’s post where we are going to share an amazing trick that is related to free fire. We wish you love reading our posts and you must be enjoying them. So friends, the hottest thing under free fire is a diamond. Yes, if any person is having enough diamonds in his/her account, he is called the king or queen as he/she can own any items that will be available afterward. So diamonds in free fire is an all-time concern for players.

You guys must be a no top-up player or you must not have many diamonds because of the expensive nature of the developers. These factors let all the players look for a cheaper way to obtain diamonds and no doubt that there aren’t any other options than doing a top-up to get diamonds in the free fire. So one of the ways among cheaper methods to get diamonds in free fire is airdrops.

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What is an airdrop in the free fire?

Guys, what does airdrop mean? Yes, an airdrop means a drop of offers, and similarly, an airdrop in free fire is a drop that provides you an opportunity to gain something big. An airdrop is a time-limited drop that offers you a specific quantity of diamonds along with some other rewards. All these items would cost you much more but as an airdrop, you can get these items with less money.

The segment that is most popular in terms of airdrop is the 299 diamonds airdrop. This is the highest number of diamonds that a player gets offered via an airdrop. So in our today’s post, we will tell you How to get 300 diamonds airdrop in the free fire? This is so because some players are not able to have this category of airdrop often. Hence, this is an important concern and we would like to state some measures that we found effective. Below stated steps are the same.

How to get 300 diamond airdrops in the free fire?

  • After you have performed your last top-up, just clear the cache of your free fire max application
  • Post that goes to the game and clears the cache from the settings
  • Now try logging out from your account and re-login
  • Now change the character to Primis
  • Unequip any pet if equipped
  • Now play BR-ranked mode
  • Try to perform your best to take out at least 10 kills in the match along with a Booyah.
  • After you will return, a special airdrop would be waiting for you and there will be a higher possibility of the same

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So friends, here was our experience over How to get 300 diamonds airdrop in the free fire? This is in terms effective to whosoever tried to do the same. So this was how we share some special posts with amazing tricks with you. We hope you love reading our posts, and we want the same. Hence, always stay connected with us and never miss any chance to have detailed information about free fire and free fire max.


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