How to Unban Free Fire Account In 2023?

How to Unban Free Fire Account In 2023?

No doubt, Free Fire is the leader of the BR genre. It provides the ultimate algorithm along with supreme assets. Although there are a lot of glitches, but they usually get fixed. So, being such a superior game, it has a vast number of users and millions of active players daily. So how could it not be possible to cheat through such a popular game, many players do so, and they find many new ways and tips for their gain to use it illegally in the game. And likely, they are treated as a result of their account getting terminated. 

Why does your account gets banned?

Various categories of users perform unrecommended ways to explore the game for their gain. For example, some use a hack or panel, while some inflict the wrong way to gain diamonds and items. These all violate the game rules, and to lower all these activities and negatives, the developers usually limit the user’s account. In some conditions, some users get temporarily blocked upon account and device, while others get permanently banned. 

Now, users whose accounts are banned usually don’t care before applying unusual tips and post account termination. Instead, they search on the internet, How to unban free fire account? After an account ban, there is almost a lower chance of achieving it back or forgetting it. In this post, we will share some practical tips about How to unban free fire account? Just go through below stated bulletins.

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How to unban Free Fire Account

How to unban Free Fire Account
  • When your account is banned, just be cool and try to recover as much as you know.
  • Else you can contact the support team by the steps below.
  • CLICK HERE to access the support page.
  • From here, sign in by the account that is banned.
  • Now click on your name.
  • Now click on submit a request.
  • Post all these from the bar below, and start selecting everything related to the experience you did and had that led the account terminated

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So here is the fundamental way and the only way to recover your account that had been banned. But note that we are not providing 100% assured that your account will be unbanned. However, this is a proven and effective method via which 1/5 of the applied request was granted. So you can try the same step, and if you want to know in detail, we will post another article with exact point-to-point information about How to unban a free fire account. Till then, stay tuned with us. 


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