How To Top Up 1 Diamonds And Get Goldrim Tribute Thompson For Free: Free Fire Max Latest Top-Up Event

How To Top Up 1 Diamonds And Get Goldrim Tribute Thompson For Free Free Fire Max Latest Top-Up Event

Garena has presented a new top-up event in the free fire max named Top-up & Get Goldrim Tribute Thompson. Players can use this event to acquire the latest Thompson weapon skin for free in only one diamond top-up. In this article, we will share a new method for one diamond top up in your free fire max account, as well as we will share our opinion on this latest weapon skin in FF max, so let us start.

Top Up 1 Diamonds And Get Goldrim Tribute Thompson Event

Event Details

Latest Event Details

Following are the details of this latest free fire max in-game event:

  • Event Name: Top and Get gold rim tribute Thompson
  • Top Up Required: 1 Diamond
  • Skin Available: gold rim tribute Thompson Gun skin
  • Event Time: April 2022

In this latest Top-up event, you can top up any amount of diamonds within the event period to receive a goldrim tribute Thompson weapon skin.

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Steps to Top Up 1 Diamond In Free Fire Max 2022

Steps to Top Up 1 Diamond In Free Fire Max 2022
  • Open your chrome and go to the website of SEAGM
  • On the homepage, you will find a free fire max option click on it. 
  • Then you will find various diamond top-up options. You have to choose five diamonds
  • Then you will be asked to enter your free fire max UID and nickname. Enter both details as same as on your FF max profile. 
  • Then you have to select a payment option.
  • After selecting the method of payment, you have to confirm the payment.
  • Then open the free fire max, and in the diamond section, you will see your purchased diamonds have been added. Now, you can collect the Goldrim Tribute Thompson weapon skin by going to the event section of the 1 diamond top-up. 

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You can Top-Up five FF Max diamonds by spending only 5 rupees through this process. Unfortunately, there is no third-party website to top up 1 diamond in FF Max. So the minimum top-up you can make through a third-party website is five diamonds.

About Goldrim Tribute Thompson Skin

About Goldrim Tribute Thompson Skin

Thompson is an SMG ammo weapon in free fire max, and many players like to use it for close-range fights. But, most of the players choose MP40 over Thompson because of the high damage rate. This latest Goldrim Tribute Thompson Skin is beautiful in terms of looks. In addition, the animation and 3D effects added over it are also very impressive.

If you like to use the Thompson weapon on the battlefield, you can surely go with this beautiful Goldrim Tribute Thompson Skin. The rate of fire and accuracy of the skin are acceptable compared to other available skins of Thompson. Make sure to share this article with your buddies, and for more Free Fire Max updates, stay tuned with us.


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