Steps: How To Become Free Fire Moderator

How To Become Free Fire Moderator

Do you know how to become a free fire moderator? Also, do you know what the requirements and benefits of becoming a free fire moderator are? If not, then read this article till the end. You will get every piece of information related to becoming a free fire moderator.

Garena free fire is globally one of the most famous and downloaded battle royal games. It has more than one billion downloads with millions of daily active users. Garena is the most well-known organization in the gaming sector.

As this game is available globally, this game operates on various servers for various players. Garena has a huge team that operates these multiple types of servers, and if any technical problem comes, they quickly solve it.

To make this game more effective for its users, Garena hires some moderators from various countries to observe the game. If any technical problem, bug, glitch, or any hacker is found in the game, they can inform the team and resolve the issue.

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What is a free fire moderator?

The Garena free fire moderator is the one who moderates the free fire games. Let’s take an example of a YouTuber. In youtube, the YouTuber who owns a channel hires moderators to moderate his channel whenever he comes live. The moderators can handle his comment section and block the people who are spamming and doing things against the channel guidelines. Like this, free fire hires some people as moderators to keep an eye on their servers.

The main aim of hiring moderators for various servers is to provide the best quality gameplay to its players. Therefore, Garena hires various moderators from multiple servers so that the moderators can easily detect any issue in the server and tell that problem to the Garena team to solve it as soon as possible.

There are various benefits of becoming a free fire moderator. The first benefit is getting free elite passes of every season for absolutely free. Yes, you will get every free fire elite pass for absolutely free. If you are a moderator, then you can claim that pass through the mailbox. Also, Garena pays salaries to the moderators ranging from 30k to 40k.

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How to become free fire moderator (steps)

become free fire moderator

We discussed what the Garena free fire moderator is and why Garena hires moderators. Also, we had seen some benefits of becoming a moderator. Now, many people will think that there should be some requirements for becoming a free fire moderator. 

Free fire has not officially announced the requirements of becoming a moderator, but if you want to become a moderator, you should be 18+ and be able to visit their office. Also, there is no requirement of having a youtube channel with a huge audience base. Following are the steps of becoming a free fire moderator. 

  • When Garena officially announces that they need a moderator, then only you can apply for that.
  • They will announce on their official website or else their official Instagram page.
  • They upload a link on their official site. Simply click on that.
  • After clicking on the link, a page will open on your chrome browser
  • You will see a form where you have to fill up your details.
  • Firstly, you have to give a proper name, phone no. , Gmail ID, a valid full address, and your free fire player id
  • Once you’re done with filling up your details, then you’ll have to answer why do you want to become a free fire moderator.
  • About this question, you have to make sure that your answer for this question should be different and unique, or it should be an unexpected answer so that the chances of becoming a free fire moderator will be increased.
  • After filling up all the details and done with the answers in a few minutes or hours, you will get a mail on your mail id whether you got selected or not
  • Once you get selected, you’ll get the most considerable benefits ever. You’ll get a v badge on your game UID by the mailbox with many items.
  • You will also get a salary by dealing with diamonds or cash every month, And you will get all in-game items before the event gets started totally free.

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FAQ’s – How to become free fire moderator

  1. Can anyone become a free fire moderator?

    The free fire game announces no specific requirements to become a moderator. So currently, anyone can apply to become a free fire moderator but only selected players will get appointed.

  2. What are the rewards a free fire moderator gets?

    A free fire moderator gets daily free fire diamonds, in-game pets, characters, and bundles. Also, the free fire moderator gets access to the beta testing versions of free fire before their official release.

  3. Can a free fire moderator access all free fire accounts?

    A moderator can only see analytics of a free fire account. They don't have access to use the accounts of other players.


In this informative post, we discussed what a free fire moderator is and why free fire hires moderators from various servers. Also, we had seen some benefits of becoming a free fire moderator. Every game has moderators for monitoring their game and solving the in-game issues. Moderators play an essential role in making the game more user-friendly and maintaining the players’ interest in the game. If you have any queries related to this post, then comment down, and we will answer them as soon as possible.


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