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Free fire player id search is an essential part of the game because you can’t get free diamonds without knowing your free fire player id. Getting a free fire player id is not easy if you are a beginner in-game because it requires some technical knowledge to get free fire players ID. If you don’t know about the proper way of how to get free fire player id, then read this article till the end. In this post, we will tell you how you can search player IDs of your own or your friends.

If you are a new player, you might find it confusing to get free fire players ID, but you know how easy it is to find someone’s free fire player ID if you are an old free fire player. Player ID plays an essential role in the free fire. Whenever a player makes his account in the free fire game, he gets a unique nine-digit ID which is known as the UID of the player.

If you are searching for your friend to play a match together in free fire, you have to find him in the game by searching him through his UID. Then you will make him your friend, and when he accepts your request, your friend’s ID will be visible in your friends’ list in the free fire. Then only you can send him a request to join your squad for a match.

Also, if you want to make a top-up or say if you want to purchase diamonds, you should know about your ID. Because without your UID, you will not be able to make a top-up through a third-party website. Now, you would know the importance of knowing your free fire UID lets you know where you will find your ID.

Free Fire Player Id Search (Steps)

steps for free fire player id search

Now, let’s see how you find your ID in the free fire game. 

  • Open the free fire application on your device.
  • Then on the main screen, you will find a profile option, which you will find at the top-right corner, click on it. 
  • Then after opening your profile, you will find all your account details like name, ID, level, and many more things.
  • The Numbers that will be visible below your username are your free fire player id (UID).

Through this method, you will be able to find the player’s UID. Now let’s see how you can send friend requests to your friend. To search any free fire player, you’ll need their in-game name (IGN) or unique identification number (UID). You can share this post with your friend to be aware of his free fire UID.

Ask him to send his UID or his in-game name, which is also known as IGN.

Now we’ll show you step by step method from which you can search for any free fire player’s ID.

  • Open Garena free fire on your device.
  • Now, in the home screen at the top right corner of the main menu, you’ll find a friend’s icon, consisting of 2 people emojis👥 . Click on that.
  • After that, you’ll get four options on the top left corner, i.e., game friends, the dynamic duo, platform friends, and add. You have to click on the ‘ADD’ tab.
  • Now, you’ll get a search bar of free fire player ID search on the top right corner of the screen. Click on that and search for the player with the help of the in-game name (ING) or the player’s UID number and press the ‘OK’ button.
  • After searching correctly, you’ll get the player’s ID on the screen.
  • By clicking on the ‘+’ icon, you can add the player by requesting them.
  • Once the player accepts your request, they are added to your lobby.

You can send a friend request to your friend by following these simple steps. For your knowledge, below are some free fire IDs with their facts.

Some facts about free fire player id

Here are some interesting facts about free fire ID that you should know.

ID TitleFree Fire player Id
Id Of first free fire player100000001
Id Of Highest level free fire player646279026
Id Of richest free fire player113382678

1. The first player of free fire 

First player of free fire id

The first ID of player of free fire is – 100000001

While playing free fire, you would wonder who the first player of Garena free fire game was. I had wondered, and I had done some research and found this ID. {ID – 100000001} This ID is known as the first ID of free fire. The free fire developers developed this ID as a Testing ID. It was launched in the free fire beta version for testing. It’s not a real player’s ID. It was created just for testing the game.

2. Highest level player ID

Highest level player ID

The highest level player ID of free fire is – 646279026

Do you know about the player who has one of the Highest level player IDs? Many existing free fire players will think that the highest level player of free fire is Daddy Calling. He has a 92 level ID, but he is not the highest-level player of free fire. The player name in the free fire is ICE COLD. This player has one of the highest level free fire IDs. At present, his ID level is 94. Increasing your ID level is not easy. It takes decades to grow it. Also, there is a player known as Monty Carlo (ID – 570632899). His ID level is 93. 

3. Richest free fire player ID

Richest free fire player ID

The richest player of free fire ID is – 113382678

When we talk about the wealthiest players of free fire, it doesn’t mean the total income. It indicates how many diamonds he had purchased for his ID. Many of you will think about the LOKESH GAMER, an Indian YouTuber known as the richest noob player of free fire. But the fact is he does not rank on the number 1. The richest player of free fire is known as “WE ARE GAMERS. ” His free fire ID is 113382678, and his youtube channel name is “WE ARE GAMERS.” As we all know, LOKESH GAMER had spent money to purchase around 1.6 million diamonds. Still, if we talk about the “WE ARE GAMERS” he had purchased around 1.8 million diamonds, he is known as one of the wealthiest free fire players. 

Free fire player id search online

Many people want to search for anyone’s free fire player id online, but currently, this feature is not available on the official website of free fire. So you can only search the Id using the in-game feature of player id search. Unfortunately, there is no other alternative for free fire player id search.

Also, the feature of player id search available in the game is easy to use and requires very few steps to find Ids. So we will also recommend using it instead of any id search tool.

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FAQ’s – Free fire player id

How can I search free fire player id in google?

There is no specific website available for free fire player id search. So you only use the in-game ID search option for searching free fire player IDs.

Which is the best free fire player id?

Player ID 111111111 is the best Free Fire player ID in the game because the same digit is given multiple times in this ID.

Can I customize the free fire player id?

No, you can’t customize the free fire player id. When you create a new account in free fire, it automatically gets generated. Therefore, there is no customization option available for free fire player id.


Every day thousands of players join the free fire game. Unfortunately, due to high accounts opening in the game, it’s become hard to find the exact free fire player id by searching their IGN, So in this post, we made it easy for you by sharing some methods.

In this informative post, we had discussed how you could easily find your free fire UID. Also, we saw how you could send friend requests to your friend so you can invite him to play with you whenever you want. Apart from that, we had also seen some Unique UID with their notable facts. If you have any doubt about this post, please feel free to comment. We will help you for sure. If you want to get free diamonds, use the free fire diamonds generator to collect free diamonds daily.



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