How To Get 9 Rupees Airdrop In Free Fire 2024?

How To Get 9 Rupees Airdrop In Free Fire 2024?

A lot of time has passed since the most popular battle royale game, Free Fire was banned and we are missing many things from the priority but today’s article is going to be so important that you shouldn’t miss at any cost. That is why we want to request you from the beginning to read this entire article carefully till the end because we have got very exciting things for you with full proof. So stay till end of this entire article from beginning and let’s start this article entitled How To Get 9 Rupees Airdrop In Free Fire 2024?

Yes, you have read it right because now you might be thinking that airdrops have stopped coming in our games Free Fire and Free Fire Max but it is not so and we also have proof for the same which we have presented through screenshots below. All the related details has been shared in this article, please have a look. Just do this, read the entire article till the end and you will understand every detail very well, through which you too will be able to become eligible for this ₹9 airdrop very easily.

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How To Get Diamonds In Free Fire Max?

How To Get 9 Rupees Airdrop In Free Fire 2024?

You must have seen many people buying diamonds in the IDs of Free Fire and Free Fire Max game and then using those diamonds, you would have spent them on events or purchasing some items. But many times you have made a mistake and that is that you may have missed an affordable option that could have been available to you to get diamonds. Yes, you have read it right and you can know what it is by reading our entire article.

As you all know diamonds can be obtained in many ways in our game Free Fire and Free Fire Max, the most popular method of which is by topping up, apart from this you can also get diamonds by purchasing membership. The last option left is that you can buy Diamonds by purchasing Air Drop. Perhaps many of you may have forgotten what drops are or whether we get diamonds in by the use of airdrops. So let us bring forward a very helpful article related to airdrop for which we can tell you with a guarantee that you will definitely benefit from it. All you have to do is read this entire article till the end.

What Are Airdrops In Free Fire Max?

First of all, we would like to tell you that Airdrop is an asset in Free Fire and Free Fire Max games through which you can buy Diamonds in your game ID. The only difference is that airdrop is the most affordable and cheapest option to buy diamonds in the game. This is because Top-up gives you 100 diamonds in exchange for ₹80 but through airdrops, you can get 100 diamonds for just ₹ 9, but the issue is that airdrops are not always active in your game, thus you get airdrops only sometimes.

But what if we are going to tell you today will blow your mind. We are saying this because, after a long time, an airdrop of ₹9 has been seen in our game, which has come in the account of our personal team, of which we have taken a complete screenshot. This article is written with proof. Along with this, we have also told what activities our team member had done through which this cheapest amount of ₹9 airdrop has come into their account and you would be glad to know that we are going to share that complete instruction with you, that is why you can keep an eye on the whole article.

Which Is The Cheapest Method To Get Diamonds In Free Fire Max?

Friends, if we ask you which is the cheapest and most affordable option to get diamonds in Free Fire and Free Fire Max, then obviously the answer from your side will be that the most affordable option to get diamonds in Free Fire and Free Fire Max are Airdrops. We are also adamant on this answer, but for your information, we want to tell you that ever since Free Fire was banned, the scenario of airdrop has changed.

How Much Does An Airdrop Cost In Free Fire Max?

You must remember that the old free fire usually provides us with the most favourable and cheapest option to buy Airdrops that include ₹9 airdrops, ₹29 airdrops and ₹99 airdrops with a lot of diamonds availability. But after Free Fire’s Ban, only expensive airdrops were being made available, the starting price of which ranged from ₹ 29 to ₹ 699 with low availability of diamonds (most of the times 100). Now a very interesting part is about to begin, so take a careful look at all the paragraphs of this article now.

How many of you have seen the airdrop of ₹9 or have claimed it after the ban of Free Fire Ban? Please tell us by making a comment we are saying this because now the time has come when you too can become entitled to the airdrop of ₹ 10 and as you can see in the above screen shot, a player of our team has also received this airdrop of ₹10. You have read it right, and for your information, we want to tell you that the same airdrop was received a few days ago in the account of one of our team members.

As you can see in the screenshot, what things you are getting for just ₹10, that too with diamonds, is absolutely true and you can also achieve it. To get the same airdrop of ₹9, you will have to go through some procedures for which we are giving the full guide below. We would just like to request you apply the entire step-by-step guide in your game so that no error occurs and you can also become entitled to an airdrop of ₹10

How To Get 9 Rupees Airdrop In Free Fire 2024?

How To Get 9 Rupees Airdrop In Free Fire 2024?
  • First of all you have to open the game today
  • Today you do not have to play the game but go to your character section and unequip the character you are using
  • Now you have to select the Nulla character or Primis
  • If you have any gun that is enabled with the option, shown in the lobby, then go and turn it off
  • Now you have to unequip your pet too
  • Now all you have to do is log out of your game from your device
  • After doing this you have to close the application
  • Now for 14 days, you do not have to open or view any of the Free Fire Max or Free Fire applications
  • As soon as 14 days are over, you have to open the game
  • Without changing any character, you have to turn on rank mode in squad format and start it
  • You have to play Battle Royale Ranked Mode in squad format at least 2 times
  • Now as soon as you come back after playing the match here, you will see that an airdrop has come into your account
  • This airdrop will be the cheapest airdrop which will be ₹9
  • Sometimes this does not happen, so for this, you will have to perform this procedure at least two to three times, after which we can guarantee that the cheapest airdrop will appear in your ID

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Final words

Today’s article was a very amazing article because it was written only for you which is very useful and believe us many people have taken advantage of this beneficial airdrop, especially our team members have tried it. There are the complete instructions to obtain this airdrop and we hope that you will also be able to become eligible for this offer. If you want to read such useful articles daily then stay connected with us.


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