Which Is The Best Bundle In Free Fire For You

Which is the best bundle in free fire

The craze of Garena free fire is increasing day by day as this game is one of the most trending battlefield games. Garena free fire is one of the most popular multiplayer battle royale games in the gaming world. It was published by Garena and developed by 111 studios.

The main aim of this game is battle and survival. Apart from that, this game also provides players with different types of cosmetic costume bundles. Such bundles contribute to the increasing popularity of this battle royale game. These bundles consist of costumes and accessories that can be obtained by completing events, missions, and other required spending in-game items.

There are tons of fantastic bundles available in the free fire. However, some of them are highly demanded and rare, whereas most are reasonable or completely free and widely used. The main aim of using these bundles is to make the character look more proficient and increase its appearance and looks.

Here in this article, we will take a look at the top 5 best bundles in free fire.

Which is the best bundle in free fire?

The name of the best bundle in free fire is the Hip-hop bundle, which is the rarest bundle of the game. However, some more beautiful bundles are available in this game, and their name is given below.

These are the names of the top 5 best bundles in the free fire. Below are the details of all these bundles.

Name of BundleType
Hip-hop bundleRare bundle
The shadow red bundleBest bundle
Criminal bundleEvent bundle
New alpha flame born bundleSpecial event bundle
Bandits bundleMagic cube bundle

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1. Hip-hop bundle

 Hip-hop bundle
Image VIA FF

This hip-hop bundle came in the season 2 Elite pass. It’s the topmost famous and rarest bundle ever in free fire; only very old players of free fire have this bundle. Like very few old YouTubers have this bundle, it shows the classic look of hip hop, and also the cap and shirt were fabulous. This bundle is the top bundle ever. Unfortunately, you can’t get this bundle now because it is not avaiable at the in-game store. This bundle is only famous because of the Youtuber Gyan gaming.

Gyan gaming had famous this bundle in his videos. This bundle is a permanent bundle for him which he wears in his gameplay videos. You can use the t-shirt of this bundle also with any other bundle. Also, it looks good. This bundle matches with every bundle of free fire. This bundle is the best in the free fire game.

2. The shadow red bundle

The shadow red bundle
Image VIA FF

The shadow red bundle comes under the top 2nd best bundles in free fire. It is the rarest and most famous bundle in the free fire. This bundle arrived in the incubator, and many of the players couldn’t get it. This bundle is also known as the Lokesh gamer bundle just because of the famous gaming channel Lokesh Gamer, the top gaming video creator. Lokesh gamers were famous for this bundle.

Lokesh gamers wear this bundle as a permanent bundle. This bundle comes with fabulous looks, design, and animation of light and flames. It’s so wonderful, and I feel amazed to look at this bundle. The bundle hairstyle is very famous which comes with white colour and pony on the back. This bundle has another color: blue, and this also looks soo beautiful and comes with great animation and design. Unfortunately, you can’t buy this bundle at the in-game store, and this bundle only comes once in the event/incubator.

3. Criminal bundle

Criminal bundle
Image VIA FF

The criminal bundle is so famous and lovable in the free fire. Every player wants these bundles in their vault. This bundle came a very long ago in the free fire luck royal section. This criminal bundle has five colour bundles in the game, but when it came in the luck royal, it came only in four colours, and then after that, in 2021, the green criminal bundle came in an event once again. Now every Youtuber has this bundle. Currently, it requires so many diamonds to obtain it. You can’t buy it in a store of free fire.

The criminal bundle’s top, rarest, and most loveable color are red, and hardly 1% or 2% of Players have this bundle. This bundle is also famous for the top YouTuber Badge 99 because he wears this bundle in every free fire tournament, and his mask of that bundle is also unique and attractive in looks. This bundle comes in five colours, and each colour bundle has a different expression mask. The 1st one is red, the 2nd one is blue, the 3rd one is green, the 4th one is blue, and the 5th one is purple.

4. New alpha flameborn bundle

New alpha flameborn bundle
Image VIA FF

This bundle was launched recently in the booyah 2021 event. This bundle looks fantastic with the biggest and most significant animations and graphics. This bundle comes with four different looks.

In this bundle, we can change it in many colours, and those colours unlock as we go and reach in ranked, which means when we get gold rank, one colour will open. After that, when we reach the platinum tier, another colour will unlock.

When you purchase this bundle, you will get the yellow coloured bundle. After that, whenever you reach a rank, a new color will be unlocked: blue. After reaching another rank, you will get the red-colored and so on. Also, apart from the colours you will get incredible emotes. This bundle is also famous for its flaming animated hairs.

5. Bandit bundle

Image VIA FF

The bandit bundle is also one of the most famous bundles in the free fire. Around 80 to 90% of users and players have this bundle in the game. This bundle has some unique features, such as in the middle of the player’s chest, you will see an amazing blue lighting animation. In addition, at the backside of this bundle, you will see a fantastic animation of water droplets which makes this bundle more unique.

You will find many free-fire players who have this bundle and use it as a permanent outfit of their character. Also, apart from his animations, this bundle is famous because of an Indian YouTuber who is a free fire content creator known as Amit Bhai. His official youtube channel name is Desi Gamer.

Amit Bhai uses this bundle by making a fantastic dress combination which makes this bundle more fabulous. As we all know, this bundle was launched back in 2019, but Recently, on Diwali, this bundle was relaunched in a magic cube event, and the best part is many players of free fire got this bundle. You can obtain this bundle from the Magic cube section of the free fire. If you don’t have a magic cube, then click here to get one.


What is the name of the best free fire bundle?

The Hip-hop bundle is the best in the free fire game, and everyone wants to acquire it.

How can I get free bundles in the free fire?

Participate in various events, and win the custom matches to get free bundles.

How many bundles are there in the free fire?

There is a total of 300 bundles in the free fire game.


In today’s article, we discussed the top 5 best bundles of free fire. If you are an old free fire player, you would know that free fire keeps providing new and exciting bundles to its players every month. In some cases, if that particular bundle’s demand is more, Garena re-launch it in events. So do comment down which is your favorite free fire bundle. If you want free diamonds to acquire premium bundles, use free fire diamond generator 2022, and collect free diamonds.


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