New Weapon Royale In Free Fire – Sickly Sweet

New Weapon Royale In Free Fire – Sickly Sweet

Hello friends, as you all know that soon 14th of February will arrive and it is one of the priorities for developers to bring up valentine’s theme items in the game. You can recall the moment when the entire community was having the best-themed items on the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2022. Similarly, the theming of Valentine for the year 2023 has begun and in the game free fire and free fire max, you could see a number of events based on the Valentine theme.

So, today’s post is going to be based on the same and via the title, you could have guessed about it. This is a newly launched event and you need to focus on this article so you could have our advice and move to the actual correct step. So let’s begin the article and we request you to read it till last.

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New Weapon Royale In Free Fire – Sickly Sweet


New Weapon Royale In Free Fire – Sickly Sweet

So friends, the new event in the game free fire and free fire max is the new Weapon Royale. All of you would be aware of the event – Weapon Royale, isn’t it? So, the older one that was the Kar98 skin has been substituted via the new one. So, all the details about it are here and last you should have our advice on The New Weapon Royale – Sickly Sweet.

The New Weapon Royale In Free Fire – Sickly Sweet is available and lives now for the tenure of next 60 days. Hence all the players are now eligible to obtain the item contained within this new event.

This event is a weapon royale that has recently been switched and the new gun skin in the latest and ongoing weapon royale is Sickly Sweet Parafal. To obtain this gun skin, you have to make spins and increase your luck star to 100. This can be done via vouchers or diamonds. So go on and if you love this skin, you can move to take it out but before that know it’s attributed and have a piece of advice via our expertise.

What Are The Attributes Of Sickly Sweet Parafal?

New Weapon Royale In Free Fire – Sickly Sweet

The attributes of Sickly Sweet Parafal are:

++ Magazine

+ Armour Penetration

– Reload Speed

Is Sickly Sweet Parafal Worth Obtaining?


Absolutely not! Friends, this gun skin has the worst attributes that have ever been claimed for Parafal. So be wise and avoid wastage of your diamonds or vouchers instead go and take them out through crates.

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So friends, here is today’s article in which we have shared the details about New Weapon Royale In Free Fire – Sickly Sweet. All the related information has been stated and we hope it would be useful to you. Keep us joined for more updates and information regarding free fire and free fire max.



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