The Beginner’s Guide to Retro Gaming

Guide to Retro Gaming

When you think about the golden age of gaming, it’s understandable for retro gaming to be one of the first things that come to mind. After the gaming crash of 1983, most were unsure if there was truly a place for gaming in the entertainment industry.

That said, Nintendo shocked the world with the Famicom (also known as the Nintendo Entertainment System outside of Japan), and the rest is history. However, not everyone got to experience the golden age of gaming, so it’s understandable to be curious about what such an experience entails.

A personal experience

One of the most crucial things to remember about retro gaming is that everyone has a different experience. For example, just because someone claims that the Legend of Zelda for the Famicom is one of the greatest gaming experiences of all time doesn’t mean that you’ll experience it the same way.

Retro gaming is also an umbrella term for most older systems, and even something like the Playstation 2 or 3 can be considered a part of the retro gaming market at this point. As such, it’s all about how you experience it, so it’s a good idea to tackle the genres you’re interested in.

A fantastic start

There are a few ways you can get started with retro gaming. For those who don’t have too much experience with gaming in general, it’s recommended you visit a gaming site to try a few genres out to see what sparks your interest. For example, Games24s has all sorts of games you can try out for free, giving you a chance to figure out how you want to tackle retro gaming.

There’s also the emulation side of things, but it’s a good idea to consider what is legal (and what isn’t) to ensure that you’re doing things right. Fortunately, many older carts for systems such as the Famicom, Gameboy, and the like can be affordable, and if you happen to have the carts, emulation isn’t an issue.

There’s also the question of which system to start with, and the answer is entirely up to you. There’s no need to go with the most popular picks, especially if you’re interested in more obscure gaming systems.

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A never-ending story

The best part about retro gaming is no matter how much time you have to play games and study the history of their development, retro gaming is such a large part of the industry that you can’t experience everything. There’s always something new to try out, so there’s no reason to rush things and treat it like a work responsibility. The idea is to have fun, and you can do so by taking your time and trying out games that seem interesting to you.

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The reason why the world of retro gaming is such a good idea for new gamers is the fact that they have something to offer everyone. You’ll undoubtedly find games suited to your taste, provided you’re willing to look. The retro side of things is a treasure trove of gaming, and you won’t regret giving the world of retro gaming a try.


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