How To Get Evo Gun Token Without Diamonds?

How To Get Evo Gun Token Without Diamonds

Hello friends and welcome to today’s post. In this post, we will stratify the ways of getting the most demanded item in free fire. But wait, before that we want to have some thoughts via you. Are you aware of the most loved and most legendary items in the game, what’s that and what are the advantages of having them? Friends, you must agree that the most loved and appreciated item in free fire is the evolutionary assets.

Yes, the evolutionary rollout began when the developers introduced the Blue flame Draco AK47 in the game. Since then, the craze of having such legendary items has burst under players. But wait, concerning the evolutionary items, most of the players are u aware of the hidden phase of the same. Let’s begun now.

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So friends, whenever you have noticed, you would have found that every evolutionary gun was found under the faded wheel, and to obtain them, players needed a maximum of 1100 diamonds each time. So here players used to think that they have obtained the most legendary item, but wait, although you all have obtained it, are you aware that the perfect use of any evolutionary gun is accessible only after upgrading it to level 4? And this is the hidden phase that users don’t tend to see.

To upgrade any evolutionary gun to level 4, a user must need at least 2000 diamonds. So here, you are required diamonds to get tokens to upgrade the evolutionary gun but wait, we are here to solve your problem and not to increase. So here’s How to get an Evo gun token without diamonds?

How to get an Evo gun token without diamonds

Friends, after the OB37 update, the developers introduced a new subscription plan under which users can get evolutionary gun token boxes. This method is quite simple and has some additional benefits too. So how to subscribe to this plan, find out below.

How to get Evo gun token without diamonds – guide

  • Login to the game
  • Click on the diamond icon
  • Now go under the Subscription section
  • Choose the fourth block, which is shown above in the image
  • Now you will see a plan stating ₹95 for a week
  • Now tap on Subscribe button
  • You will reach the payment gateway, just proceed to pay ₹95
  • Now, if this is your first time, you will receive an additional reward of 100 diamonds
  • Post paying ₹95, you will be able to claim 30 Evo gun token boxes and choose any gun token under the box.
  • If you would be having enough money as a Google Play balance, you will be charged 95₹ per week to get 30 token boxes
  • Now log in for 7 days in a row to claim the evolutionary gun token boxes daily.

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So friends, here we have stated the most recent update under the game, where the user will be able to claim evolutionary gun tokens without diamonds. Please bookmark our site so that you couldn’t miss any updates and information about free fire and free fire max.


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