What is Hyperbook in Free Fire? The Galaxy Hyperbook Top-Up Event

What is Hyperbook in Free Fire

Hello friends, and welcome to today’s post. In this post, we are going to cover a rapidly spreading news that has been in action for the last two nights. What is it? And all related details are mentioned clearly in the article. So just read this article till last and enjoy your day. Let us start exploring the article that is upon a viral topic What is hyperbook in the free fire? The Galaxy Hyperbook top-up event.

What is Hyperbook in the Free Fire?


So there are a lot of players who are still unconscious of the question What is Hyperbook in the free fire? Well, you should not worry about it because you have chosen the most appropriate article that will answer your question.

Hyperbook in free fire is a collection of legendary items that need to be unlocked before you access them.

The statement mentioned above was a related short-term about Hyperbook. Hyperbook was first introduced in a free fire when the Rampage event was going on. The full Rampage was inspired by the theme of wolf and color changing. Every premium item that was present in Rampage could change the themed color. And so, how is the Hyperbook related? 

What is the Galaxy Hyperbook?

The galaxy Hyperbook may be known as the Hyperbook 2.0.because it is the second premium Hyperbook under free fire. However, as we have stated earlier, the Hyperbook contains many legendary items, and for sure, the Galaxy Hyperbook possesses the same. The list of things is below.

Hyperbook in Free Fire
  • Loot box skin
  • Grenade skin
  • Sports car skin
  • Gloo wall skin
  • Backpack skin
  • MAG7 gun skin
  • Katana skin
  • Legendary emote

So these were the items that you can access through the Galaxy Hyperbook.

Now we will state the event that is related to the same Galaxy Hyperbook.

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Details about The Galaxy Hyperbook top-up event


This top-up event is similar to another top-up event. However, in this event, you have to top-up 100 diamonds, and you can get a free scythe skin. Similarly, when you top-up 300 diamonds, you will get the Galaxy Hyperbook. But wait, getting Hyperbook does not mean you will get all the rewards that are listed above. Instead, you have unlocked the Galaxy Hyperbook via the top-up of 300 diamonds.

Rather than it, if you do not buy the Galaxy Hyperbook, you cannot get the items under it. So the very first step to getting all the things is to unlock the Galaxy Hyperbook and post that you can unlock the rewards one by one with the use of Hyperbook tokens.

So here are the complete details about the trending topic What is Hyperbook in the free fire? The Galaxy Hyperbook top-up event.

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