How to Record and Produce Gameplay Videos

How to Record and Produce Gameplay Videos

YouTube videos have a strong impact on people’s lives, and therefore, their reach among people is increasing day by day. If one wants to follow their passion or have a side source for income, they can opt for YouTube videos. There are several types of videos that you can find on YouTube and other platforms. There are educational, promotional, and entertainment videos all around the market. There is one more kind of video gaining prominence: live gaming videos. Various channels broadcast live gaming and gain a large momentum compared to other videos. 

If you want to make such gameplay videos, you need to spend a special hour for the same purpose. Although it does not require any expertise, it certainly involves the idea of Games Video Editor and some dedicated research and understanding of this field. Therefore, we will learn how to record and produce gameplay videos in this article.

How to Record and Produce a Gameplay video?

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The first step is selecting the ‘Let’s Play’ option on YouTube that will allow you to record live games while playing. 

Choose your favorite game to record:

It is always said that you must follow what you like. The same applies here; you must always choose a game that you like the most and have the expertise. This is because if you preferred anything without knowledge, the live show would not be effective. Therefore, select a game wisely of your genre and your expertise. The second thing you must always keep in mind is that if you want to monetize your video, you must always be an expert in a game that is popular among the audience because that will lead to more views.

The regular games which you like would have thousands of videos already present on YouTube, therefore choose a game that is new and interesting to grab the audience’s attention. So, a new game with fewer videos will grab more viewers.

A device to capture videos: 

There is always a requirement for a hardware device that would allow you to record the gameplay. If you are playing a game on a video game console such as Xbox One or PlayStation Five, you would require a device that would allow you to record the game promptly with effective footage. Numerous devices such as AVer Media, Elgato Game Capture, Asus TUF, and many more will enable you to record, and some even allow for high pixel resolution and save it on your computer. So, this is an important step to choose the best device that can fulfill all your gaming demands. The high-quality recorder would cost more, but you can always select a moderate recorder according to your budget. 

Select a suitable microphone and various other accessories: 

Your audio in the video will add a pinch to your recording. Therefore, you need the best quality microphone to have a clear voice recording in the video. Audix D4 microphone is a low-cost, high-quality option with an adjustable tuning filter, making it ideal for a variety of recordings. There is an option of using a computer microphone or gaming headsets, but you can always choose your one to have better quality. Other accessories like a pop guard and mic boom will be significant to have clear voice modulation in the video. There would be a requirement of Games Video Editor at the later stage after your favorite part of the recording is completed. So, first, have all the necessary items in-hand before starting the video recording process.  

Internet Accessibility: 

It would help if you had high-speed internet access to avoid any interruptions in the video. This high-speed internet would ensure that the video is easygoing and no glitches regarding connections. 

Computer hardware to record and store the video: 

You must be aware that recording a video and storing it takes a lot of space. Thus, you require internal storage to keep the video without any storage issues. The computer’s RAM must be at least 8 GB to have uninterrupted videos. You must also ensure that you have an extra hard drive to store long hours of videos in it if the computer storage does not allow it. 

Software for video recording and editing: 

There is various software that is required to fulfill multiple demands. The same is the case with video recording and editing. If you want an extraordinary video, you must invest in getting exceptional featured software or tools for editing and recording. If it is a matter of a game video editor, you must not hesitate to invest in such software or tools. However, you can also get some free options for the videos available online in some great editing tools.

Audio editing software: 

The audio level also matters in the game, and therefore you must choose various options to edit the voice. It must be able to edit the extra noise around you to have a clear recording and adjust the modulation according to the demands. Audacity is a free platform that you can try for better results.

We have discussed what the things required to record a video are. Now let’s analyze what the steps to record a video are. 

  • Install the software of game capture on your computer. 
  • Put the cable into the video game console. 
  • According to the instructions, connect both the ends of IN and OUT of the line.
  • You can also plug it into the television or computer monitor and record. 
  • Connect all the required cables and turn on the video game console.
  • Select the mono recording option and record your audio to have background-free audio.
  • You can always choose the noise reduction option in the software and have a clear voice. 


These are some simple steps to record and produce a video. Once you are done with the recording part, you can upload it on YouTube. There are some conditions on YouTube which you must always consider, and we hope that if you have decided to create a video, you have gone through the terms and conditions. So, the video recording part is done; now you can be on YouTube to gain some monetary benefits or just for fun. 


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