New Magic Feathers FF Max Backpack Skin: Upcoming Backpack Skin In Free Fire

New Magic Feathers FF Max Backpack Skin

We will soon be able to see Magic Feathers backpack skin in our free fire max through the Top Up event. This upcoming backpack skin is beautiful in terms of look, and it has very attractive effects.

Free Fire Max is a battle royale game, and now Garena is trying to grab all active users of free fire to free fire max by launching exciting events in the game. In addition, the Garena team is providing lots of leaks about upcoming events of free fire max so that players can change their platforms from normal to the max.

Today, we got another helpful leak about the free fire max game. Many in-game items can be released this week in our free fire max. Magic Feathers Backpack is one of them, which is the most attractive upcoming item in the game.

Upcoming Magic Feathers Backpack Skin

Backpack Skin

Backpack Skin

The backpack is an in-game item in free fire, which can be seen on all three maps: Bermuda, Purgatory, Kalahari. Backpack helps players to carry the items they loot between the game. Level 3 backpack has more capacity than level 2 and level 1 backpack. For adding a good look in the bag, players equip skin on their backpack, which is known as backpack skin.

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Magic Feathers Backpack Skin

Magic Feathers Backpack Skin

There are lots of backpack skins in free fire max, and players can easily obtain them from elite passes. In addition, you can also buy the backpack skins from the store section. Spider’s curse and Legendary Cobra are both the rarest backpack skins in the game. But, this upcoming magic feathers backpack skin will beat both of them because of its beautiful look.

This upcoming magic feathers backpack skin has a peacock design with multiple feathers. Additionally, all feathers of this backpack have glowing effects and neon lights. You can also display this backpack skin in the lobby. The level 3 version of this backpack skin is most attractive. We can see this backpack skin next week in a Top Up event.

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Steps to get Backpack Skin In Free Fire Max

Steps to get Backpack Skin In Free Fire Max
  • Open free fire max, and log in to your account.
  • On the main screen of the game, click on the store section. 
  • Now, select the “Collection” area in the normal tab.
  • Next, click on the backpack icon. 
  • Here you can see all avaiable backpacks for sale. You can simply select any of them and click on the purchase button to buy a backpack skin. 

What do you think about this latest upcoming backpack skin of free fire max? Comment below. For more Free Fire Max news and updates, stay tuned with us. 


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