New Event In Free Fire Max: The Evo Vault

New Event In Free Fire Max: The Evo Vault

Today’s date is 29 September 2023 and on this day a huge event has appeared in Free Fire and Free Fire Remix, through which we are getting to see many items which are very premium and legendary. So in today’s article we welcome you, where we will make you aware of this latest event and give you every information about it, so stay tuned in this article from the beginning till the end so that you do not miss any important detail.

In today’s article, we will talk to you about the new event in Free Fire namely The Evo Vault. Read all the information given below carefully and for one thing we would like to request that whatever be its next article, you should not forget to read it at all because in that article we will give important instructions related to this event through which you can You can get these premium items and legendary items.

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New Event In Free Fire Max: The Evo Vault

New Event In Free Fire Max: The Evo Vault

So in this article we are talking to you about the event that is the latest one. This event has launched on 29 September 2023 in the Indian servers of Free Fire and Free Fire Max. If we talk about the last date of this event, it is 29 October 2023, it means, players are getting a chance of a total of one month to obtain its items by getting involved in this event. This is a Luck Royale event which we also know as Universal Ring. You will have to read our next article to know how to get involved in this event and by using which process you will get the items of these events. Till then we will give its list of rewards.

List Of Rewards In The New Event In Free Fire Max: The Evo Vault

New Event In Free Fire Max: The Evo Vault

  • Groza Evo Gun
  • M1014 Evo Gun
  • M4A1 Evo Gun
  • MP5 Evo Gun
  • Pan Skin
  • LootBox Skin
  • Evolutionary Gun Tokens
  • Vouchers
  • Magic Cube Fragment

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So guys, in this article, we have covered the details about most recent event in the game Free Fire as well as Free Fire Max. We hope that all the details would be clear to you, so keep us joined for further updates and information regarding the games Free Fire & Free Fire Max.


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