New Event In Free Fire Max: M14 Royale

New Event In Free Fire Max: M14 Royale

New updates keep coming in the Free Fire and Free Fire Max games daily, bringing some new items. A new event has come to our Indian server, which has a brand new gun skin, the same skin is very much appreciated because such a gun skin was not launched before ever. In this article, let us talk about this new gun skin and give you all the information about New Event In Free Fire Max: M14 Royale.

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New Event In Free Fire Max: M14 Royale

New Event In Free Fire Max: M14 Royale

Recently, there has been an update in our game Free Fire and Free Fire Max, after which many things have been changed, and new items have also been introduced. The latest update is based on The Chaos Theme, and on the same theme, the new gun skin has been designed.

The new gun skin has been brought to the luck royale section as a perfect royale named M14 Royale. From the name, you must have guessed that in the M14 royale, you are getting to see the skin of the M14 gun. Then you are right, and in this event, you will get to know about a brand new skin of a M14 which has explosive attributes.

Event Period

New Event In Free Fire Max: M14 Royale

This event has been launched yesterday on our Indian server. That means this event was introduced on 27th January 2024, and for your information, we would like to tell you that this event will be present on our India server for two weeks, i.e. now you have time till 9th February 2024 to get the skin of M14

The gun skin is named as M14 Inner Nightmare and you must be trying to know its attributes so, we will tell you its attributes also. Before going to the attributes, read our next post because, in the next post, we have stated how you can get the M14 Inner Nightmare with the complete procedure.

What Are The Attributes Of The New Gun Skin M14 Inner Nightmare In Free Fire?


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In this article, we introduced you to a new update in the Free Fire game and gave all its details. We hope you will be happy with this unique item, so now let us know how to get it. We have provided all the details in our next article, so go and read our next article. Please share this post with your friends and stay connected with us.


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