Upcoming Pick-Up (Vehicle) Skin In Free Fire – Pick Up Truck Haven

Upcoming Pick-Up Vehicle Skin In Free Fire Pick Up Truck Haven

Hello, dear friends. In this post today, we are going to present an upcoming item in our game, free fire max, in our Indian server. You might know the value of excitement before the release of any particular thing, and hence you all are here to know this upcoming item. Dear friends, you all know that a free fire player can use the vehicle in the entire map or BR mode in the game, so you might be aware of a vehicle named pickup truck. And there is only limited skin of this vehicle, and almost there is one or two skin that has animation over the vehicle. So this one will be more precious and exciting, and for that, you need to scroll down and read this post thoroughly.

Upcoming Pick-Up (Vehicle) Skin In Free Fire

Pick Up Truck Haven

Pick Up Truck Haven

So, the name given to this vehicle is pickup truck – Haven. Yet it does not look so simple. The paint job in this vehicle is done in a green shade with a mixture of golden coloured flames. The bonnet contains a shining free fire World series logo that looks accurate and attractive. 

So this much is its property. Moreover, you can see the images below.

Which event will have the upcoming pick-up (vehicle) skin in Free Fire?

Luck royale section

Which event will have the upcoming pick up vehicle skin in Free Fire

Guys, as the theme is based on the free fire World series, we can see this skin either for free or in a luck royale section.

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Review of the upcoming pick-up vehicle skin in Free Fire?

Literally, the skin is so prettier and looks unique when the golden pattern glows. If I could have to spend 500 diamonds for this in the luck royale section, I would take it out and rest over you.

We are ending up here and wish you like our posts. Stay tuned with us for every in-game update and news about the Free Fire.


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