How To Get Membership In Free Fire Max (December 2023)

How To Get Membership In Free Fire Max (December 2023)

Hey readers, do you want to learn How To Get a Membership In Free Fire Max (December 2023)? Perhaps many of you players will be new and may not even know what membership is and How To Get It In Free Fire Max, then this article is for you and we want to request you to read this entire article till the end. Read it very carefully so that you can understand every detail very well.

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What Is A Membership In Free Fire Max?

How To Get Membership In Free Fire Max (December 2023)

Friends, in Free Fire as well as Free Fire Max, you are having multiple options to get diamonds, but among them, there is one option that is considered to be the most affordable one now to get diamonds. And after the last update, this myth has been proved extremely true, as, the membership systematics have been optimized. We are saying this because now it has become the most affordable option to get diamonds in Free Fire Forever.

You would have must come to be known that membership is the most affordable method to get Diamonds in Free Fire and Free Fire Max. But do you want to know, how to achieve it. So for your information, we want to tell you that you do not have to do anything but you just have to log in to the game, make payment and get the membership. We are giving you its full guide below but before that, we want to tell you how many types of membership are there in the Free Fire game and what does they provide you.

How Many Types Of Membership Are There In Free Fire Max?

There are mainly two different types of Membership but a special membership privilege gets unlocked if you buy both those types of Membership together.

The Two Types Of Memberships In Free Fire Max Consist Of


What Are The Features Of Free Fire Max Membership?

  1. The first feature of both the membership types is that you will get daily diamonds from it, that is, you can get diamonds daily through daily check in
  2. The second biggest feature of having a membership is that, after the last patch update in Free Fire and Free Fire Max, the membership systematics has been optimized. Via this feature, you are now eligible to get as many diamonds instantly as you get via Top-up. (Before update, you were supposed to get only 500 diamonds instantly after buying the monthly membership but now, you will get 1000 diamonds and rest via daily check in. It means, the value of diamonds has been made equal to top-up amount and no matter, you make top-up or buy membership, you will get same amount of diamonds instantly). Overall, The Membership is very beneficial for you all.

How To Get Membership Free Fire Max?

How To Get Membership In Free Fire Max (December 2023)

• First of all you have to open the game

• Now you have to come to the diamond section

• From here you have to click on the membership tab

• Now you will be seeing both types of membership, weekly and monthly

• The only difference between Free Fire Max Weekly Membership & Free Fire Max Weekly Membership is that you will have to pay different amounts but if you want to purchase both together then it is also possible. Even you will also get Super VIP Membership Privileges, the details of which we have given in the next article, so you can read from that also

• So, if you want to buy any membership, you have to tap on the price button to make the payment, that is, if you want to buy a weekly membership, then click on the yellow icon of ₹159 and if you want to buy a monthly membership, then click on the yellow icon of ₹799

• Now the payment gateway will open in front of you and from here you can make the payment successfully

• Now you will see that your diamond count has increased as per your membership plan and it has been successfully activated in your ID, after which you can claim diamonds by coming to the diamond section daily through daily check in

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Final words

In this article, we have given you complete information about membership as well as, we have told you How To Get Membership In Free Fire Max (December 2023)? Hopefully, you would have found this article useful, so, share this article with your friends and stay connected with us to read such useful articles regularly based on the games Free Fire and Free Fire Max.


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