Lucky Draw In Free Fire: Join A Guild & Get Evo Groza For Free

Lucky Draw In Free Fire: Join A Guild & Get Evo Groza For Free

This time the developers of Free Fire have launched their update with more customization through which we got to see a lot of things. One of these changes is regarding the guild and the guild which used to be there earlier in Free Fire has now been updated to Guild 2.0. If you read our articles daily, then we have given very good details and information about it at many places.

Through today’s article, we want to share with you an update related to version 2.0 of guild which you should not miss at all because if you do so then believe us, you are going to lose a very expensive thing that you can get absolutely free. For this you will have to read this entire article carefully till the end.

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What Is Lucky Draw In Free Fire Max?

Lucky Draw In Free Fire: Join A Guild & Get Evo Groza For Free

You must be aware of things like lucky draw and if we tell you that you can enjoy this thing in the game Free Fire also, then surely you will be happy to know this. Lucky draw is such a thing in which you do not need to spend a single penny and in return you get a chance to get some things absolutely free.

So the developers of Free Fire are also doing the same i.e. they are doing a lucky draw in Free Fire Max and after passing out some conditions, you can also take part in this lucky draw. If you know it’s rewards list, you will be stunned. Now we are going to give you all these details below, so read carefully.

What Are The Rewards In Free Fire Max Lucky Draw?

Lucky Draw In Free Fire: Join A Guild & Get Evo Groza For Free

Groza Evo Gun

• Exclusive Customizable Guild Avatar

How To Participate In The Free Fire Max Luck Draw?

First of all, you have to keep one thing in mind that this lucky draw is not being disturbed, that is, even the winners are players, they cannot participate in it directly but they can definitely do so indirectly and that is cool in indirect. Through a guild, that is, for Case, one thing is very compulsory and that is that you will have to stay in the build. Now through the steps given below you can know how to participate in this lucky draw.

• To participate in the lucky draw of Free Fire Max, you just have to join a guild which has 30 or more members

• This guild can be yours too but remember that there must be at least 30 members in it

• By verifying the conditions, you can rest assured because this is a lucky draw and you do not need to do any activity in this, whereas Free Fire Department will select the winners themselves

• Its result will come on 10th November 2023 and it will be known which guild has been selected

• It is possible that your guild may also be selected in this selection and if this happens then every member of the guild will get a chance to get the above mentioned rewards and that too for free

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In this entire article, we have informed you about an update related to Free Fire Max which you should not miss because it is available absolutely free of cost. You don’t even have to do any activity, rather you just have to join a guild. If your guild is selected, you can also get to see an Evolutionary Groza Skin which you can claim in your ID forever.


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