Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire – The Platinum Sunset Bundle

Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire The Platinum Sunset Bundle

Hello dear friends, Welcome back to our new and fresh post upon bundle collection. We are going to present the latest bundle that is the upcoming bundle that may be seen on our Indian server. The bundle is taken from the Brazil server, so we may show you before its launch in the Indian server of free fire max. Like all times, we will Overview the bundle and tell you our opinion on it. Also, we will tell you where you will find this bundle. So let’s begin.

Latest Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire


Overview of the Upcoming The Platinum Sunset Bundle

Overview of the Upcoming The Platinum Sunset Bundle

The bundle is going to be called The platinum sunset bundle, and the reason behind it is the bundle’s colour and sunset-like vibe. The bundle is a mixture of grey and platinum in colour. The bundle is looking too awesome.

The bundle has a modern hairstyle. On top, the bundle has a transparent vest, and upon it, the top wear of the tracksuit is being placed. Similarly, the bundle has platinum coloured trousers or lower tracksuits with platinum coloured socks and greyish platinum shoes. In addition, it has a sunglass and a lot of ornaments and gold.

So this was an overview of the bundle. Now know about its appearance on our server.

In which Event will have Latest Bundle in Free Fire?


Web event or Store

Latest bundle in free fire 2022 The Platinum Sunset Bundle

This bundle was seen in a store’s crate at the Brazil server. Although it’s not free, but we can see this item in any web event or directly in the Store by paying some diamonds.

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Review of the Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire – The Platinum Sunset bundle

At first sight, I really loved it. It is not having any animation, yet it looks fantastic and attractive. I would take it out if I had to pay 800 diamonds or less. Between this price, you can also go for it. Free fire players will like this bundle because of its looks.

So guys, let’s meet in our next post. Till then, be updated with us for every latest news free fire.



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