Join The Gather Ballons Event In Free Fire Max For Free Rewards: Get Free Holi Vehicle Jeep Skin And Dance Emote

Join The Gather Ballons Event In Free Fire Max For Free Rewards

Garena free fire max has introduced a new event named Gather Ballons. Players can obtain lots of free rewards such as dance emote, Holi jeep skin, weapon loot crates, luck royale vouchers, and many more items by participating in this latest event. 

Gather Ballons event is presented under the current event theme of the game, Happy Holi 2022. Players can also check the event calendar on the event page for more rewards details. 

Gather Ballons Event In Free Fire Max

Steps To Partake

Steps To Partake

Here are the steps to particpate in the latest Holi event:

  • Open the Free Fire Max game.
  • Go to the event section.
  • Open the Happy Holi Event page, and click on the “overview” tab.
  • Now, you can see a detected summary video of the latest Holi event. 
  • Next, select the gather balloons tab, and click on the “Go” button.
  • Here, you can collect balloons by completing simple in-game tasks, and then you can redeem those balloons with exciting rewards. 

There are three types of ballons in this event, and to be able to unlock rewards, you have to collect all of them.

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Steps To Redeem Rewards

Steps To Redeem Rewards

Once you are done with collecting balloons, you can follow these steps to claim rewards with those balloons.

  • On the event page of gather ballons, you will see a redeem rewards button. Click on it.
  • Now, here choose the rewards which you want to acquire. 
  • Next, click on the skip button on the throw ballons page to obtain the prize. 

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Rewards List Of Latest Holi Event 2022

PrizeBalloons Required
Random loadout loot crate3
Pet Food5
Incubator Voucher10
Weapon Royale Voucher10
Diamonds Royale Voucher10
Hysteria SKS Crate15
Greate Plunder Groza Crate15
Captain Bubbles M60 Crate15
Dance Emote80
Holi Vehicle Jeep60

About Latest Rewards 2022

There are many rewards in this latest Holi event, 2022, but the primary rewards in this event are Dance Emote and Holi Vehicle Jeep. These rewards are the main attractions of this “throw ballon on canvas” event.



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