Which Is The Best Character In Free Fire

best character in free fire

There are lots of characters in the free fire. Every character has a unique skill, and if you want to win the game, you need to choose a powerful character. If you don’t know which is the best character in free fire, then in this article, I will share complete details of the best free fire character. So let’s start without delay.

Basic facts About free fire characters

free fire best character

There are many characters in free fire, out of which two characters are available for free and all others you need to buy using diamonds. But if you want to get all the premium characters for free, then you can click here. In the free fire game, the characters play a major role, and you will never win the game if you do not choose the right characters. You can use the skill of four characters simultaneously in Free Fire.

Which is the best character in free fire

Which is the best character in free fire

All the characters mentioned below are the best characters in free fire, you can use any one of them.



If you use DJ ALOK’s skill, it will make a circle around you which will last for 10 seconds, and you will get 10HP points every second. You can Buy the DJ Alok character from free fire store in 599 diamonds. If you don’t have diamonds, don’t worry. You can Unlock the DJ Alok character for free from Here without diamonds.



After DJ Alok, Chrono CR7 is the most popular and powerful character in the free fire. This character can help you a lot. If you use the skill of the Chrono character, then it will make a blue circle all around you. This circle will stop all bullets fired by enemies and protect you. Not a single shot will hit you until it breaks. Chrono CR7 character will Also increase your movement speed by 5%. All effects of the Chrono CR7 character are last for three seconds.

#3. Joseph


If you want to increase your speed in free fire, then you can use Joseph character. Joseph’s character comes with Nutty movement skill, which increases the moving and sprinting speed by 20%. It would be best if you use a combination of DJ Alok character and Joseph.

#4. KLA


KLA is also known as Bruce lee of free fire. KLA character is beneficial for those players who like to play fistfight on the roof of the factory. When you don’t have Gun, this character will help you a lot in this situation. KLA Comes with muay Thai skill, which increases the fist damage by 400%, and you can quickly kill an enemy in only one fist by headshot.



If you like to camp in free fire, then Rafael is the best character for you. This character comes with Dead silent skill, which may help you a lot. After activating the skill of Rafael character, it will mute your Gunshot sound, and enemies can’t see your location on the mini-map. This skill works only with Snipers and marksman rifles.



Wukong is the Unique character in the free fire. The look and animation Given to Wukong’s character are like Monkey. Wukong character can save your life if there are not any optical available nearby you to take cover. Wukong character comes with Camouflage skill, using which you can transform yourself into a bush. The bush lasts for 13 seconds, and you can again use this skill after 240 seconds. Click here to Unlock all gloo wall skins in the free fire.



If you like Guns like Kar98 and Scar in free fire, Then Alvaro is best for you. Alvaro’s character comes with Art of demolition skill, which increases weapons damage by 6%. After activating the skill, It also increases the Damage range by 7%, overall best free fire character for players who want to improve their weapon damage capacity without skin.



If the bullets fired by you don’t touch the enemies, then Laura is best for you. Laura character is an adorable character in free fire, which comes with Sharp shooter skill. If you use this character’s Skill, It will increase your weapon accuracy by 22, Only when the scope of your gun is open. Click here to convert your gold coins into diamonds in free fire.

#9. A124

A124 character

A124 character is a High tech character in the free fire. The look of this character is a little bit Scary, but also lovely. A123 character comes with Thrill of battle skill, which can work for you as med kit in an emergency situation. After Activating the skill Of A124 character, It will convert your 50 EP points into Health points within 4 seconds.



If you are a pro player of free fire and kill ten enemies in every match, Then Miguel’s character is best for you. The look and animation of Miguel’s character are like a soldier. The skill of this character will increase your 60 Energy points ( EP ) for each kill. You can use a combination of A124 And MIGUEL characters for the best results.

Best character in free fire

top 10 best characters in free fire

List of top 10 best characters in free fire

Character nameCharacter’s skill
MaximIncrease the speed of using med kits faster by 18%
AndrewProtect your vest and decrease the loss by 4%
ShaniProtect your armor durability, and restore ten armor durability after every kill
Mocomark enemies location for 2 seconds, and share with teammates
MishaIncrease the driving speed by 5%
DashaReduce the damage taken from falls by 30%
CLUlocate positions of enemies within 30 meter
AntonioReceive ten extra hp when the round start
FordReduce damage when outside safe zone by 4%

Free fire all character

Free fire all character
  1. DJ ALOK
  2. Joseph
  3. KLA
  4. A124
  5. Rafael
  6. Laura
  7. Wukong
  8. Miguel
  9. Maxim
  10. Andrew
  11. Olivia
  12. Shani
  13. Hayato
  14. Moco
  15. Misha
  16. Nulla
  17. Primis
  18. Xayne
  19. Maro
  20. Shirou
  21. Skyler
  22. Cr7 chrono
  23. K character
  24. Jai
  25. Wolfrahh
  26. Dasha
  27. Luqueta
  28. Clu
  29. Jota
  30. Kapella
  31. Alvaro
  32. Steffie
  33. Notara
  34. Antonio
  35. Caroline
  36. Paloma
  37. Ford
  38. Kelly

FAQ – Free fire best character

Which is the best character combination in free fire 2021?

DJ ALOK + KLA + JAI + JOSEPH is the best character skill combination in free fire 2021. Dj Alok will help to restore HP, KLA help in close range fight, Joseph increases the movement speed, and Jai will help you to get some extra ammo. You will win every match if you use this combination properly.

Which is fastest character in free fire?

DJ Alok is the fastest character in free fire because DJ Alok gives 5 Hp per second for 10 seconds means you will get 50 Hp without a medkit. DJ ALOK also increases the movement speed. This character is a sign of a pro player.

Which is the best character in the free fire for increasing movement speed?

If you want to increase your movement and sprinting speed so you can unlock Joseph’s character and use it with kelly’s skill. After using this combination, your movement will increase by 20%. You will run faster in free fire after using Joseph’s character.

Best character in free fire for 8000 coins?

You can unlock many characters using 8000 coins, but Kla and Miguel are both the best characters to spend your 8000 gold coins in the free fire.

How many total character in free fire?

There are total nearby 38 Characters in the free fire. In which more than 20 characters are premium characters.

Free fire girl character name?

Most players like to play using girl characters. There are so many girls characters available in the free fire. The most popular girl characters are Steffi, Caroline, kelly, and Moco. The most beautiful girl character in free fire is Kapella, and she is too cute.

Conclusion about free fire character

I hope. You liked this article on the best free fire character. If this article helped you know which is the best character in free fire, please share it with your friends. You can click here to get Unlimited free diamonds in free fire using our diamonds generator tool.

Thank you, take care and bye-bye.


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