How To Survive The Blue Zone Area In Free Fire?

How To Survive The Blue Zone Area In Free Fire

Hey friends, welcome to our post. In today’s post, we are going to share an ultimate useful tip that is capable to enhance your gameplay. Usually, we share updates, but in today’s post, we shall state some tips that will help you to build a strategy and acquire the destination that would be prefixed by you.

Today’s post is going to be based on the experience of some prominent players that are working with us, hence we advise you to read this post till last to know one of the most aggressive factors related to gameplay which is How To Survive The Blue Zone Area In Free Fire?

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What is Blue Zone Area in Free Fire?

How To Survive The Blue Zone Area In Free Fire

So, friends, you must be aware of the blue zone but for brief information we want to share some lines about it. The blue zone area in free fire is a high-tire loot zone where the user can collect the most useful loot whether it’s a weapon, attachment, grenade, or armor. Most of the players want to land in the blue zone area but they are afraid of surviving in that particular zone hence we are going to share some that you need to follow.

How To Survive The Blue Zone Area In Free Fire?

How To Survive The Blue Zone Area In Free Fire

  1. Perfect character skill

The first factor that needs to survive in the blue zone area is the character skill you have equipped. Try to use some effective and useful character skills such as Kelly’s skill, Kshmr’s skill, Joseph’s skill, and some other skills that boost your speed or HP/EP.

  1. Avoid hiding

The second factor that is required for survival in the blue zone is to avoid hiding, if you have perfect loot, just keep moving or safely leave the zone after you have enough good loot. Keep moving as the blue zone area is the host for many prominent players.

  1. Upgrade your Armor

Defending is sometimes more beneficial than attacking. Usually, players find the best weapon combination but you should move on to having perfect Armor stability that possesses a Level 4 Vest, Level 4 Helmet, and few gloo walls. If you are able, upgrade your vest to level 4 Vest and keep sufficient repair kits to heal the durability of the vest and helmet.

So, friends, these three steps are the prior basic steps to surviving the blue zone, just keep us joined and add our site to your home screen because we shall upload part 2 on the same topic, where you will be guided to have the most aggressive steps to attack and defend enemies, hence keep us joined.

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Guys, we hope you would have loved the post, just keep regular training to do the same as we have stated. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends and stay tuned for more tips and tricks related to free fire and free fire max.


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