How To Solve Ping Problem In Free Fire

How To Solve Ping Problem In Free Fire

Are you facing a ping problem in the free fire? There are many issues like lag, frame drop, and more while playing games on a smartphone. High ping is one of them. In this article, I am going to share a secret trick using which you can solve your high ping problem in the free fire.

What is PING In free fire

free fire ping problem

In simple words, data transfer from the server to your phone. MS stands for miles seconds. If your ping is more than 100MS, then you need to fix it. If you did not solve this problem, you could not play the game properly. It’s so important to have a minimum ping of less than 80MS for smooth and straightforward gameplay.

How to solve ping problem in free fire

how to fix ping in free fire

Follow the steps mentioned below one by one to solve your ping problem in the free fire.

Step.1 – Restart your phone

Restart your phone

If your phone is old and its RAM is less than 3 GB, you must first clear all the apps running in the background and restart the phone. Now, as soon as the phone restarts, turn on the Aeroplan mode and turn it off after 1 minute. Now, if you play free fire, you will get good internet speed, and the ping problem will get solved automatically.

Step.2 – Find the best place

free fire ping problem fix app

If you are obsessed with the problem of ping, then the main reason for this is the lack of access to the range of mobile networks. So whenever you are playing a free fire game, then play in a place where the mobile coverage is good. You can play on the roof of your house or in a ventilated room, but keep in mind that never play in a place where the mobile range is not good.

Step.3 – Change your sim card

free fire high ping problem

If you are facing many ping problems, you can change the SIM card of your phone. If your friends also play free fire, you can ask them that they use which SIM card, and If they do not have the problem of ping, you can also buy the same sim card they are using. You can apply this Apn setting using the Mobile network settings option. Click Here to get Unlimited 99999+ diamonds in the free fire for free Using our diamond generator tool.

Step.4 – Add APN for a low ping

Add APN for a low ping in free fire

APN settings will help you a lot to solve the ping problem. You can apply the APN settings given below now, and it will solve your high ping problem by 50%. Click here to get all emotes in free fire for free.

  • Name: Jio 4G or Jio Data
  • APN: JioNet
  • Proxy: Not set
  • Port: Not set
  • Username: JioNet
  • Password: Not set
  • Server: {for browsing and improved speed}
  • MMSC: Not set
  • MMSC port: Not set
  • MCC: (don’t change: it depends on our location.)
  • MNC: (don’t change: it depends on our location.)
  • Authentication type: PAP
  • APN type: default, {don’t use capital word}
  • APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
  • APn roaming protocol: same as apn protocol
  • Bearer: LTE (set LTE only)

FAQ – Free fire ping problem

how to fix ping in free fire?

The main reason for the ping problem comes from the lack of network range in your phone. If you want to fix the ping problem, you must need first fix the problem related to your phone’s mobile network. You can use gaming APN settings, or You can also change your SIM card. If you solve the network issues, then the ping problem will get fix automatically.

How to Fix 999+ Ping problem in free fire?

First, uninstall the free fire game and now download again and allow all permission. Now restart your smartphone after that On-Off airplane mode three-four times to get the best result. 999+ Ping problem appears in-game when the game is on maintenance mode.

Free fire ping problem fix app?

There is no special app developed until now to fix the ping problem in the free fire. Instead of the Ping fix app, you can use any Game booster, and it will help you a lot to fix the ping problem. You can click here to Download the Best game booster for free fire.

How to fix network connection errors in free fire?

If you face a network connection error in Free Fire and if this error is coming to you while playing the game repeatedly, you need to change your SIM card because this error only comes because the Internet is not running properly. If you cannot change the SIM card, then you can use any stable WiFi router. If your internet speed is good, then you will not see this error again.

Conclusion –

I hope. You liked this article on How To Solve Ping Problem In Free Fire. If you follow all the methods mentioned in this article, then you can solve your ping problem in just 1 minute. Please share this article with your friends. It will help them a lot. Click here to Convert Your Gold Coins Into diamonds in the free fire.

Thank you, Goodbye and take care.


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