Top 10 Emotes In Free Fire

Top 10 Emotes In Free Fire
Top 10 Emotes In Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game developed by Garena. It became the most downloaded game globally, and free fire will soon reach its 1 Billion downloads. Players like this game a lot because they find this game very interesting. Free fire has new excitement in each match, And it’s even more fun when you have emotes.

There are more than 100 Emotes in free fire, But do you know which are the Top 10 Emotes in Free fire? Maybe your answer is no. But don’t worry, In this article, you will get the list of most popular and top 10 Best emotes in Free fire. I will also share some basic information about them. So let’s begin.

Top 10 Emotes In Free Fire

Top 10 Best Emotes In Free Fire

Names of Top 10 Emotes In Free Fire are as follow:

  1. Shake with me Emote
  2. Party Dance Emote
  3. Applause Emote
  4. Arm wave Emote
  5. Push-up Emote
  6. Selfie Emote
  7. Hello! Emote
  8. Lol Emote
  9. Baby shark Emote
  10. Flowers of love Emote

Emotes details

Emotes details
Emotes details
  • Shake with me Emote – A emote in which the character performs short round movements of his body.
  • Party Dance Emote – The character will dance in Hip-hop style.
  • Applause Emote – your character will clap.
  • Arm wave Emote – A emote in which the character moves her hands from left to right.
  • Push-up Emote – while you use this emote character do a single Push-up.
  • Selfie Emote – Character takes a selfie.
  • Hello! Emote – When you use this emote, your character will say Hi using her hands.
  • Lol Emote – Character will Laugh when you use this emote.
  • Baby shark Emote – In this emote character will act like a shark.
  • Flowers of love Emote – The character will behave like he is proposing to someone with a rose.

How to get all these emotes for free

How to get all these emotes for free
How to get all these emotes for free

If you want to get all these top 10 emotes, you need to follow various methods already described in one of our articles. You can read it by clicking here. But I share some quick overview here also. First, you need to download an emote generator app. Then, you need to complete some tasks provided insides the app. After that, you will receive some points as a reward. Now, you can get free emotes using collected points.


The list above about the top 10 best emotes in Free fire is currently in the Top 10. This list might change after the next update of the game. The most popular emote from this list is the “Flowers of love” emote. It is famous because it is the rarest emote in free fire and is used by top gaming creators.


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