Latest Upcoming Gloo Wall Skin In Free Fire Max – Sauce Swagger Gloo Wall

Latest Upcoming Gloo Wall Skin In Free Fire Max Sauce Swagger Gloo Wall

Welcome to our new post. Today we are here to present an upcoming in-game item in our server of free fire max. These items will never end, nor our post would stop. We will keep bringing most latest and best things to you. So be with us till last to know everything about this upcoming Gloo wall and its design. For information, the skin or any items with the title upcoming is always a forthcoming item. That particular item is either seen in any server or shared by Garena officials. So we always present any item before you with proof and its images. We specify the item by overviewing it, and also we keep our point of view about its worth. 

Many of you might not have any Gloo wall skin because it is not sold in the game store, or you’d not get it for free. You either have to top-up diamonds or spend diamonds to win any specific Gloo wall skin in any event. So in a way, Gloo wall skin itself is too rare. So in this post, we will show a very new and unique type of Gloo wall skin. The Gloo wall skin is named as Sauce swagger Gloo wall. So let’s begin.

Latest Upcoming Gloo Wall Skin In Free Fire Max: Sauce Swagger Gloo Wall

Overview of the Latest Gloo wall skin

Overview of the Latest Gloo wall skin

Firstly you need to know the colour and theme of this Gloo wall skin. The Gloo wall does not have a single colour, the wall skin is coloured in multiple shades, and as a result, the theme upon which this skin is based is hip-hip neon. Yes, but again there is no connection of this skin with the original hip-hop bundle. The base colour of this wall is purple, and both its sides have building shapes that are coloured neon. In the centre, there is a skull wearing hip-hop cap and glass. The skull has a headphone. And finally, there is written HIP at the left part of the gloo wall and HOP at the right side of the gloo wall. There is an electrical wave that connects both words. But at a glance, this gloo wall seems basic neon wall.

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Review of the Gloo skin: Sauce Swagger Gloo Wall

Review of the Gloo skin Sauce Swagger Gloo Wall

The review in single word includes awesome. And literally, this Gloo wall skin is not that bad. It contained multiple colours and had got an elegant design. The wall skin is worth 800 diamonds or top-up up to 500 diamonds. So in these limits, if you get this Gloo wall skin, go for it.

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Which event will have the Sauce swagger Gloo wall skin?

Top-up event: We found this Gloo wall in a top-up event on the international server. So there are approximately 80% chances to appear this skin as a top-up event. Rest other 20% chances are to appear in the luck royale section. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about this fantastic Gloo wall skin. Keep sharing our posts, and stay tuned with us for every news and upcoming item of the free fire max.


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