How To Buy Weekly Membership In The Free Fire?


Friends, how much of you are remembering the time when you were aware of the diamond activity in a free fire earlier? If you are an old player, then you could relate to it and that was the time when we use to crave diamonds, although we were having options to earn them through a few activities. But now it’s damn impossible to do so. Now diamonds are becoming expensive day by day and in no time we will have the moment when we will have to pay 1₹ for 1 diamond in the free fire.

Hence, today we think to stratify something about diamonds that many players are concerned about and we will discuss the ways of obtaining diamonds in the free fire. So guys, are you ready? Let’s begin.

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What are the ways of having diamonds in the free fire?

Friends, in the game free fire, there are multiple options to get diamonds that include top-ups, memberships, level-up passes, airdrops, special offers, and third-party top-ups (Coda Shop). So these all methods make up the way through which we can inject diamonds in our I’d legally. Among these, the most cheaper but rare way to get diamonds is the airdrops. Post it, we have the option to purchase a level-up pass where we need to pay ₹190 for 800 diamonds but that’s valid only once under one I’d.

Top-up diamonds are the most expensive way to have diamonds but, the most common and effective way of having diamonds is by activating membership in the free fire. So in today’s article, we will state the legit method of How to buy weekly membership in the free fire? And the post is specially dedicated to beginners and those who are activating the membership for the first time.

How to buy weekly membership in the free fire?

  • Login to the game
  • Skip all the banners
  • Now click on the diamonds icon
  • From there, go to the membership icon
  • You will see an icon in yellowish enabled and the text would be indicating its price i.e. 159₹
  • Proceed to click on the icon
  • Now you will reach the payment page
  • Make payment via any payment method
  • Enter your password of Gmail or out fingerprint if enabled for the payments
  • When 159₹ will be debited successfully, just do not press the back button
  • Keep calm and try to reach the home interface of the game
  • Here you will see 200 diamonds if this is your first time else only 100 diamonds
  • Though this is your weekly membership subscription, log in daily and visit the section to get 50 diamonds daily for 7 days thus claiming 350 more diamonds.

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So friends must follow these steps before you try to buy a weekly membership. Must have fiction over your activity and proceed to do so after understanding this article. We hope you would have got what we want you to refer to. Please read it twice if you didn’t get it. Also share it with your friends, and stay in touch with us to never miss any informative updates about free fire and free fire max.


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