How to Get December Elite Pass In Free Fire For Free?


friends, if you have not opened the game today or you have not logged in from any of your accounts, then you are going to miss the greatest advantage by free fire in its entire history of it. Yes, the players of free fire are provided with a great opportunity and for sure, if they will miss it, they are going to miss the greatest deal of the era. So what’s this and what steps should you take so that you can’t miss it, find out the same in our today’s post titled ‘How to get December elite pass in the free fire for free?’

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How to get December elite pass in the free fire for free?

Friends, how many of you are aware of the fanbase of an elite pass in the free fire? We have mentioned a lot many times that an elite pass in the free fire is the most valuable thing under the entire in-app purchases. So you can conclude how important is an elite pass for us and this time that is December’s elite pass has brought something special for all the players but what’s that? Well, let us start having all the details.

How to get December elite pass in the free fire for free?

First of all, let us clear the title that is How to get December elite pass in the free fire for free? Is it 100% real or we are lying? So, friends, it’s not a lie because for real, you are having a chance to claim the December elite pass for free. This is a reward from the developers because the elite pass will be no more. Yes, according to the report, the elite pass is getting removed or replaced by the Booyah pass.

The Booyah pass will not be the same as the elite pass because something different is about to come this time. It may be done either on 1st January 2023 or after the OB38 update. But whenever it will happen, you will be updated through our posts, so just make sure you bookmark our site.

There is an activity that allows you to claim the elite pass activation card and after you claim the card, you will get access to claim the fire pass prizes for free. Here’s how?

How to get December elite pass in the free fire for free – steps

  • Login to the game
  • Go to the event section or click on the banner, similar to the one that is shown above
  • Now you will reach over a page
  • Now click on the claim icon
  • You will successfully receive the card and your fire pass will be activated
  • You can start collecting badges to claim all the prizes and as many magic cube chests.
  • Enjoy your day

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Note – you have required a successful attempt to log in under free fire or free fire max with any valid from 1st December – 31st December to claim the elite pass card and get the December Elite to pass for free.


So friends here is a trending post that is most effective for a no-top-up player. You are required to follow the exact steps that are mentioned above. We hope you would have loved the post. Please stay tuned for more helpful and informative posts about free fire and free fire max.


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