Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire – The Fortune Koi Bundle

Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire The Fortune Koi Bundle

Hello friends, welcome back. We hope you are well, and today we will give you updates on an upcoming item in the free fire. So, we are again presenting a bundle that is going to introduce very soon. We will also tell you where you will find this bundle means in which event. So read this article till last and know more about it.

Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire

The Fortune Koi Bundle

Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire

The bundle is named The fortune koi bundle. Please note that it is a female bundle. Thus, it does not apply to male characters in the free fire. Therefore, make sure to have a female character to equip this bundle. 

The whole bundle looks so unique and attractive. It does not have animation, but still, it seems high-quality bundle. The entire bundle is colourful and has many colours. The bundle has a blackish yellow top, and upon it, there is a long coat. Below a red coloured trouser is placed with red shoes. The hair of this bundle is almost white and somewhere golden. That is the most attractive piece in this bundle. For more reference, you can see the pictures.

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Which event will have the Upcoming bundle in Free Fire?

Moco store: Guys, we found this bundle in a moco store event. It is a recently created event that has only 4 – 6 presentations in the free fire. So we can see this bundle in the moco store soon.

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Review of the Upcoming Bundle in Free Fire

At first sight, this new upcoming bundle looks very beautiful. Although the bundle has no animation, it still looks fantastic. We can see this item for 900 diamonds in the moco store, but I think it is not worth 900 diamonds. But if you like it, you can take it out, not so costly.

What do you think about this latest upcoming bundle in the free fire? Let us know in the comments, and be with us for every in-game update and news regarding the free fire.


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