Free Fire Bunny Bundle Details, And Trick To Unlock

Free fire bunny bundle
Details of free fire bunny bundle

The Garena free fire, which is a royal battle game, has become one of the most trending battle royal and survival games. Back in 2017, the free fire had launched its first elite pass, in which the most demanded item was a bundle.

Bundles play an essential role in making your characters look at the next level, and because of which the most demanded thing in the free fire is bundles. Therefore, free fire developers launch various exciting and attractive bundles every month.

Garena adds various events with the special item known as bundles in the free fire. Along with the bundles, they launch multiple types of gun skins, emotes, and many more things. It attracts gamers, and ultimately the downloads of this game increases.

Today in this interesting article, we will talk about the two most demanding free-fire bunny bundles: the warrior bunny bundle and the cyber bunny bundle.

#1. Warrior Bunny bundle

Warrior Bunny bundle
Warrior Bunny bundle

The warrior bunny bundle is one of the rarest bundles of free fire. The free-fire game developers launched this amazing bundle in the Draw a bunny event. The process to enter this event is pretty simple; you have to draw a bunny’s face.

You will be successfully navigated to the spin the wheel event if you have drawn a good face. Then you have to spin the wheel by spending some diamonds. If you are lucky, you will get this fantastic bundle in 2 – 5 spins only. The outfit of this bundle is the most attractive and unique.

In this bundle, you will get these items:

  • warrior bunny head.
  • warrior bunny t-shirt
  • warrior bunny pants.
  • warrior bunny shoes.

The developers had also launched a warrior bunny MP40 skin along with this item. This fantastic gun skin is blue colored with the art of bunny face and some creative patterns. If you are a huge fan of cartoons and animation, you should check out this fantastic bundle.

How to get a Warrior bunny bundle?

How to get a Warrior bunny bundle
Trick to get warrior bunny bundle

As we had discussed this amazing bundle, let’s talk about how to get this fantastic bundle. We will see some possible tips and tricks which will increase the chances of getting this incredible bundle. By following these simple step-by-step tricks, you can quickly grab this bundle. 

  1. Open the free fire application on your smartphone.
  2. Then on the homepage, you will find a store option. Click on that.
  3. On that store option, you will find a crate option. 
  4. Click on that crate option here you will find this warrior bunny bundle. 
  5. Then you have to purchase the loot box in which you will get this bunny bundle. 
  6. The cost of a single loot box is 40 diamonds, and if you buy ten loot boxes, it will cost you 400 diamonds. 
  7. As for increasing the chances of getting a warrior bunny bundle, you should go with ten loot boxes. 
  8. Because buying single loot boxes is a fast process, free fire will give you other things than the bundle. 
  9. But if you purchase the ten loot boxes, then the chances of getting a bundle increase ultimately. 

This was my suggestion for getting a warrior bunny bundle immediately. Follow this process correctly, and you will get this bundle. If you don’t have enough diamonds to buy the loot boxes, you can use the free fire diamond generator and get 25000 diamonds instantly.

#2. Cyber bunny bundle

Cyber bunny bundle
Cyber bunny bundle

One of the most attractive bundles of free fire is the cyber bunny bundle. The Cyber bunny bundle is also known as the most precious bundle of free fire. Developers launched this fantastic bundle in the Treasure vault event.

In this treasure vault event, you can get various items such as a Cyber bunny bundle, Purple Wings backpack, Wiggle Walk emote, a Cube fragment, Weapon Royale Voucher, Diamond Royale Voucher, Bounty Token Playcard (3d), 100x Universal Fragments, Pet Food, etc.

For getting these rewards through this treasure vault event, you have to spin, and for spinning, there are two options.

  • Normal spin.
  • Super spin.

The normal spin will cost you nine diamonds for the first spin, and it will give you a guaranteed reward which is a cyber bunny bundle within the nine spins. You can get this bundle between the nine spins by doing this normal spin. But after each spin, the cost of spin will increase by ten diamonds which means if you spin for the first time, it will cost you only nine diamonds, but if you spin for the second time, it will cost you 19 diamonds, and the cost of diamonds will increase as per the spins.

The super spin will cost you around 199 for the first spin, and you will get the guaranteed reward: the cyber bunny bundle in just three spins. Like the normal spin, the cost of spins will increase after every spin. If you spin the super spin for the first time, the price will be 199 diamonds, but if you make the second spin, the cost will be 299 diamonds, and for the third and last spin, it will cost you 599 diamonds.

How to get the cyber bunny bundle?

How to get the cyber bunny bundle
Trick to get a cyber bunny bundle

Below are the simplified steps to get a cyber bunny bundle:

  • Open the free fire application on your mobile.
  • Now, on the homepage, you will find a calendar option. 
  • Click on that option, and you will be redirected to the event page of free fire.
  • On that page, click on the treasure vault event.
  • Now you will be redirected to the spin page, and here you will find two options of spin normal and super. 
  • My recommendation will be to choose the super spin so that in just three spins, you will get that cyber bunny bundle, and these three spins will cost you between 800 to 1000 diamonds only. 
Bunny Bundle Return Confirm Date

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FAQ’s –

How many bunny bundles are available in the free fire?

There are two bunny bundles available in free fire, and you can easily get them through various free fire events.

How to get free bundles in free fire?

It is easy to get free bundles in the free fire. Visit the gold royal section, participate in it, and get a permanent bundle for free.

Which is the most demanding bundle in free fire?

The street and cobra rage both are the most demanding bundle in the free fire.

Conclusion – Free fire bunny bundle

In this article, we discussed the two most famous bunny bundles, known as warrior bunny bundle and cyber bunny bundle. These both are the most famous bundles of the free fire. The Garena free fire developers bring various fantastic bundles. Sometimes they relaunch the bundle if its demand is more.

If you are reading this post after this bundle is closed, you can expect a relaunch of these bundles. I hope this post was helpful and you have found what you were looking for. If you have any queries related to this article, then comment down. We will surely help you.


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