When Will OB38 Update Release In India

When Will OB38 Update Release In India

Hello readers, welcome to today’s post. In this post today, we are going to share some updates with you that is related to free fire and patch update. So within the same context, you must be aware that the present version of free fire is running over the 37th update that is provided to us in a sequence. So this 37th update towards the application is widely popular as an OB37 update in the free fire. Hence, the current environment and assets of the game are based on the OB37 update but what about next? So, for the same question, we are here. Let us discuss forward in this article.

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What is an OB update in a free fire?

So friends, to get over the topic of this post, When Will OB38 Update Release In India, just let us have a few details about the basics of the term that is highly related to this post which is ‘OB update’.

An OB update in free fire is nonother than the obb update as whenever the OB update is released, the whole environment of the game gets updated or changed. Many factors integrate that are responsible for the launch of the OB update. After an OB update in free fire, certain bugs that got hunted over previous OB update gets diminished as well as there is an all-new set of items that get introduced. Certain maps get updated, new items get launched and previous assets get enhanced (including buffs and nerfs). So here’s what an OB update concludes.

Free Fire OB38 Update Expected Release Date

Finally, after the OB37 update, every player is waiting for the upcoming OB37 update. Players are concerned about the launch and most extremely about the date of its launch. So here’s the approximate date that we can state ahead of the launch of OB38.

So friends, for your information, we want to tell you that, every OB update is launched after 2 months since the last OB update was launched. Hence, the same condition will be applied here and as a result, the OB38 update for free fire will be launched after 2 months of completion of the OB37 update.

The OB37 update was launched on 16th November 2022 and the expected date for the launch of OB38 comes out to be 12th of January. We don’t guarantee the date, but we are stating the approximate date for the launch of the OB38 update.

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So friends here is a well-organized post that states When Will OB38 Update be Release In India. We hope you would have got all the details about the OB update in the free fire as well as the expected date for the launch of the OB38 update. We wish this post would be informative to you, just stay connected with us for such type of helpful posts.


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